October 5, 2011 - Derby, United Kingdom

We've been talking about this and saving for a year now, and we've both been getting very excited.  But it is now really happening.

On Friday we handed in our notice at school.  We are now officially jobless  from 31 December.  The best thing is that, even though we get paid until that date, we finish teaching on 16 December so we still get a couple of weeks paid holiday before we set off on our journey.

The journey, too, has now been set in stone, albeit a soft, flexible type of stone. Today we shelled out for our pair of round the world air tickets.  The dates of the flights are what we've used for the itinerary shown, though this may change as we go along - the beauty of a RTW ticket.

There's still so much to sort out before we go.  We need to get the house in order, pack our belongings off to parents and friend for storage, speak to a letting agent regarding renting our property, and all the while keep our eyes of the TES for any potential jobs for when we return.

If we don't manage to secure jobs before we go, we'll keep looking whilst we are away and blanket schools with our CVs, but ultimately we can always do temping for however long it takes when we get back.

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