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December 26, 2010 - Bariloche, Argentina
Puerto Madryn was wonderfully hot and dry. I unfortunatly did not get to go whale watching due to a series of events. I hung out in the area for four days and did see many other cool animals, some of which I cant even say the name of in english. After recovering from a bit of travellers sickness, no details nessecary, I decided to head across the the continent to Bariloche for Chrismas. Bariloche is unbelievable. The first day I came in I went to the Andean mountaineers club to get...
By Keith in South American Journey

Week 1 of Spanish school in Bariloche
July 2, 2010 - Bariloche, Argentina
 Tuesday, 8th June - Bariloche, Argentina It is freezing today, -6 degrees and dark outside. Walking to school with Angie, she quizzes me on how to spell my name in Spanish. I haven't a clue, despite only learning the alphabet yesterday. I don't think she is very impressed. Today I learn definite and indefinite articles. Unless I was told what they are in English, I wouldn't have a clue. My grammar is shocking, how am I supposed to learn a new language if I don't even know my own? Class is...
By Therese in Therese's World Tour

The Lake District
July 1, 2010 - Bariloche, Argentina
After attempting to ski in the mountains surrounding the city of Mendoza without success, I headed south along Argentina´s famous route 40.  Many travellers head in either direction along the picturesque road made famous by Argentina´s most famous revolutionary; Ernesto "Che" Guevara.  Rather than overthrowing the Cuban government I stopped at the town of Malargue for a few days in the hope of getting to the nearby slopes of Las Leñas. No sooner had I arrived than the incredibly helpful...
By Alexi in South America

Spanish school in Bariloche, Argentina
June 8, 2010 - Bariloche, Argentina
 Saturday, 5th June - Bariloche, Argentina After a lovely relaxed breakfast of cereal, tea, coffee, toasted bread and chat with Toby, Dan and Washington, I head into town. Enroute I stop at an internet cafe where I phone mum. In the end I spend over 3 hours there, Skyping various friends and family, as it's Saturday, it's a good day to get everyone at home. I speak with Mum, Frances, Robert, Danuta and Ness. Everyone is in good form and enjoying the good weather back at home. I am really...
By Therese in Therese's World Tour

South America - my last continent
June 6, 2010 - Bariloche, Argentina
Tuesday, 1st June or is it Wednesday, 2nd June ???   - Santiago, Chile   The staff at Hostel Andes in the Belles des Artes district of Santiago, have been super efficient. When I checked in and had a hundred questions, they patiently attended my needs. Where's the supermarket? can I have a map of the city? where can I book a bus to Bariloche? how does the Metro system work and where can I change dollars into Chilean Pesos? Secure with my new found knowledge, I have flown a third of the way...
By Therese in Therese's World Tour

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