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The Aftermath
October 11, 2015 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
After the Inca Trail, the weather in Cuzco picked up, and I was back in my shorts and Tshirts for the first time since Fiji. Hooray! This is what I came travelling for! After the most epic walk of my life, I hobbled and moaned like an old woman, struggling to get out of bed and walk down stairs. So, I quite hapily settled for dropping all of our laundry off and sitting in the sun on the roof top terrace. The most strenuous activity we managed was a chocolate making course, which was really...
By Rhian in Rhian G

1. Argentinien
September 8, 2014 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hola, nachdem ich meinen Master erfolgreich abgeschlossen habe, habe ich mich auf eine Reise begeben. im Folgenden könnt ihr alles mitverfolgen:     1.Argentinien Da ich nun schon einmal dabei bin, werde ich ein wenig die Erlebnisse in Argentinien schildern. Unsere Reise begann am 22. August 2014, als ich um ungefähr 7 Uhr morgens das Hotelzimmer Nummer 12 im Hotel America in Buenos Aires betrat. Eigentlich wurde es als Gran Hotel America angekündigt, doch meine Freundin und ich einigten...
By Ann-kathrin in la vida mexicana

December 8, 2011 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  In about an hour the local tour company is coming to pick us up from our hotel to take us to lunch and then we will go on a 5 hour tour of Buenos Aires.  I wanted to give you a quick update on dinner last night before we head out. We walked about 7 blocks from our hotel to Don Julio restaurant, a traditional steak house.  This place was all about meat and wine, even the table cloth used to be a cow. We ordered some Malbec and an appetizer of chorizo with cheese and a sun dried tomato on...
By Laura in Where in the World...

Oh the Places You'll Go
December 8, 2011 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  Last night Jessica and I took tango dancing lessons at Salon Canning.  It was a beginner lesson, and we were definitely the most remedial students in the class.  But we were quick learners and after two hours we had the basics down and were able to dance a little.  I am particularly proud of myself because the lesson was in Spanish and I  didn't understand anything.  At first I was worried about the "creep factor" of dancing with strange men, but everyone was super nice and helpful. ...
By Laura in Where in the World...

Bienvenidos a Buenos Aires
December 6, 2011 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
  We arrived in Buenos Aires early this morning after an uneventful flight from Atlanta.  The good part was that the flight was practically empty, so I got to spread out in my row.  The bad news is that we flew Delta so the food was pretty bad.  I've been spoiled by Air France and Korean Air. When we arrived we were met by Jose from the travel agency.  He and his buddy Gonzalo brought us to our hotel and pointed out some interesting things along the way.  Our hotel used to be a...
By Laura in Where in the World...

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