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Perito Moreno Gletscher
December 4, 2010 - El Calafate, Argentina
Wer Suedpatagonien besucht, darf den beruehmten Gletscher Perito Moreno keinesfalls verpassen. Dieser Eisstrom ist nicht zu vergleichen mit den Schweizer Gletschern - einfach spektakulär. Der etwa 60 km lange und 5 km breite Perito-Moreno-Gletscher gehoert zum UNESCO-Weltnaturerbe. Er schiebt sich pro Tag ungefähr einen Meter vorwärts und ist damit einer der wenigen heute noch wachsenden Gletscher der Erde. Die Gletscherzunge bricht immer wieder ab, was dem Besucher ein besonders optisches...
By Bea & Björn in Bea & Björn Around The World

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina
November 19, 2010 - El Calafate, Argentina
Thurs 18th Nissan saloon cars were not designed as off road vehicles! The hire car is one year old but looks about ten the whole car fills with dust including the boot but no windows are open. On rough surfaces you can see the door frame flexing and all panels are dented and windscreen has a ten inch crack. Anyway it has done its job so far and was cheap. We ended our journey by going to the Perito Moreno glacier park entrance only to find it closed so drove back and found a hotel for night...
By Nikki & Nigel in South American Adventure

In Patagonia
July 1, 2010 - El Calafate, Argentina
Leaving Bariloche, I continued across the pampas and vowed to return in the summer time when the landscape would be more accessible.  A night bus took me to Puerto Madryn, a fairly small town located on the Atlantic coast at the geographical beginnings of Patagonia.  The town, and many others closeby, has a strong Welsh heritage due to the migration made by disgruntled Welshman in the mid-nineteenth century.  Funny names and tea houses aside, the sea port is famous within Argentina for its...
By Alexi in South America

El Calafate
October 20, 2009 - El Calafate, Argentina
El Calafate AgainWe arrived back around 8pm (from El Chalten) and went straight back to the hostel for 2 nights more. El Calafate as a town is very very cute. There are heaps of tourist things to do but just walking around the town is worth at least half a day.  It really feels like being in a ski town with chalet looking buildings everywhere - all overlooking a beautiful lake.   The next day we took a tour to Glaciar Perito Moreno.  It is only a couple of hours away from town and the...
By Tanya & Murray in Tanya & Murray's South America Extravaganza

El Calafate
October 18, 2009 - El Calafate, Argentina
We had to do an overnight trip to Rio Gallegos and then onto El Calafate.  It was really weird as heaps of travellers have told us they had decided to stay in Rio Gallegos ....... until they arrived (and got a bus straight out again!!! Great tourism plug)...  When we got close to the town the bus driver stopped at a police station on the outskirts of town and called out for busses connecting to El Calafate. We had not booked any tickets for the ongoing journey yet, so in a very basic...
By Tanya & Murray in Tanya & Murray's South America Extravaganza

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