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The Clare Valley and Adelaide
November 25, 2013 - Adelaide, Australia
After leaving the Flinders we ventured down to the Clare Valley to imbibe in the delights of the valley. Last time we were here it was 40oC plus and all we were bent on was shade and air conditioning. However, this time was different with much more moderate temperatures. After cleaning layers of crud off the car we spent most of our time cycling around the Riesling pathway which was developed from the old rail line running through the district. It’s lovely cycling around beautiful...
By Peter and Ann in colours and textures of australia

Snow in Hiroshima
December 31, 2012 - Adelaide, Australia
  Today we heard from Sheridan Piltz (2011 Unity - Chusugi trip student) who said how moved she was to be in Hiroshima again, with her mother Tracy, looking at all the cranes from all over the world.  Also, this morning it was snowing!  Looks like the next group of Unity students will also be seeing snow fall in Japan!    -   Mrs W !^_^!
By 2013 Unity College Japanese Trip Group in 2013 Unity College trip to Japan & Chusugi

On the Eve of our Departure
December 31, 2012 - Adelaide, Australia
It's New Year's Eve, the day before our departure on the 2013 Unity College Trip to Japan and our sister school, Chuo University Suginami High School.  All the suitcases and passports are hopefully packed now and we can all relax with our families before that drive down to the airport! - Mrs W !^_^!
By 2013 Unity College Japanese Trip Group in 2013 Unity College trip to Japan & Chusugi

This is the end, my only friend, the end.
May 8, 2012 - Adelaide, Australia
The flight to London was pretty scenic, flying over snow capped mountain ranges (the Alps I believe), but the weather on our arrival was typical London - grey, cold and very wet. Our luggage was fairly heavy by this stage of the trip, so the train journey from the airport and the journey with the bags on the tube was far from enjoyable, in fact it was quite hard yakka. As we were changing to the tube we needed to take us to Russell Square, which is where we need to go, we heard an...
By Lex And Jason - now with added Julian and Alana in Lex and Jason's European Expedition

Leaving Adelaide
April 3, 2012 - Adelaide, Australia
 We arrived at the airport at about 6am for a 9am flight, which tool about 7-8 hours and was fine. Took a minbus to our hotel which was 45 mins away in downtown KL.
By Chris in M & C s' long time coming adventure

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