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Whiling away time in the Whitsundays
July 19, 2013 - Airlie Beach, Australia
Better late than never... We  had a lovely cruise of the Whitsundays (complete with sea sickness pill).  We first went to Hook Island and did some snorkelling at the reef just off from the disused resort.  Apparently, the resort has been purchased for $500K and will reopen soon.  Back on the boat we tootled off through the passage between Hook and Whitsunday islands and stopped at beautiful long white beach called Whitehaven.  We had to hop off the back of the boat into a tender to be...
By Peter and Ann in colours and textures of australia

Scooting up the coast
July 17, 2013 - Airlie Beach, Australia
Well since Hervey Bay we have finally picked up the pace and have stayed in Bundaberg and went to the bundy rum distillery; Rockhampton and saw the crocodiles (the farm where Crock College that was shown on the ABC was filmed); Blacks beach (north of Mackay); and today we arrived at Airlee Beach. The crocodile farm was amazing, these creatues are pre-historic looking beasts and surprising, worth a fortune.  A five metre crock is worth $45,000 in meat and skin.  The skins go through an...
By Peter and Ann in colours and textures of australia

Airlie Beach QLD 26 June 2013
June 26, 2013 - Airlie Beach, Australia
About 150km north of Seaforth is Airlie Beach. We were so impressed at the sight of the colour of the water. Photos do not do justice to what it looked like. The aquamarine colour along with the shimmer off the sun, made the bays look amazing. There was a series of man made lagoons along the foreshore to swim in. Unfortunately, the main street is all in a mess because of road works so getting around was pretty difficult. We were not overly impressed with Airlie. It was overpriced and very...
By Tammy in The Richards Roam-Around Oz

Everyone in the world should sail the Whitsundays.
June 21, 2013 - Airlie Beach, Australia
Warning- It's impossible for me to write this post without sounding smug. I'm sorry. I've spent the last three days sailing around the whitsunday islands on a boat called "summertime" and it's been absolutely amazing. On the sail out there, we spotted a hump back whale jumping out of the ocean and he put on such a show! He was quite far out, but we could see clearly enough and he must have jumped about ten times. I'm not sure I'll ever get to witness that again in my life- such a special...
By Rhian in Rhian G

Days 44-49
September 1, 2012 - Airlie Beach, Australia
From Cairns we headed to Mission Beach, which we LOVED! We set up in a small council run park and for $18 a night we could almost dip our feet in the water from the van. The first day was fabulous weather so swam in the lovely warm water. The second day was a little rainy but we entertained ourselves with Tropical Fruit tasting at the information center....for $4 we tried 14 different fruits....I had only heard of 1 of them. Most were pretty tasty!! We made the most of the wind ad flew the...
By Paul, Simone, Jake & Cooper in The Duncan's Australian Tour

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