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Road trip dans l'bush !
February 28, 2012 - Melbourne, Australia
Me voici donc de retour à chez Yann à Sydney après un Road trip écourté mais qui vallait le coup d'être vécu. En effet, écourté car j'ai finalement pas poursuivi l'aventure avec le couple de français jusqu'à Perth comme initialement prévu. Moi qui pensais que les jeunes étaient tous plus ou moins fichus pareil et partageaient globalement les mêmes centres d'intérêts, j'ai assisté ici à une belle démonstration du contraire. On était pas encore parti que le couple...
By Beni down-under in Sur mes traces

Surfers Paradise and Melbourne
February 14, 2012 - Melbourne, Australia
Hello All! We spent 4 days in Surfers Paradise. Our hostel was a converted apartment complex which was really cool. We had 12 people in our hostel and had our own kitchen and living room with a TV! It was so nice to be able to watch tv ... although the channel selection was pretty shocking. But we needed some chilling out time after the busy few weeks we had. On the first day of surfers we went to the beach and then went for some Sushi rolls...best sushi ever!! Then we found a free internet...
By Asher in Gap Yahh

Our Melbourne trip! (Oct 2011)
October 29, 2011 - Melbourne, Australia
 After our overseas trip in June / july 2011 we were pretty tired. However in October we felt like a short city break and headed to Melbourne (a change from Sydney for us). Here are some of the photos from that trip. We loved Melbourne - actually it was a lot like Sydney. Okay there's no harbour but the rest is the same really and I reckon the docklands are pretty cool. (just click on 'Mel and Richards' Holiday Snaps'.
By Mel and Richard in Mel And Richard's Travels

3962km in the wrong direction
December 16, 2011 - Melbourne, Australia
  Melbourne, the Australian capital of culture, my approach was via the long scenic route (the Gill would have been proud, if only it didn’t significantly delay my arrival), finding that bit of extra motivation in the realisation that this was the end of my journey here and likely my only opportunity to see the southern most region of Australia. On rounding the dull caravan corner (between Eden and The Entrance there is literally nothing, hills, trees and wind summarise more than fully), I...
By Charlotte Roach in 10000miles, 15countries, 6months, 2wheels, 1nutter

Sunshine at last
November 27, 2011 - Melbourne, Australia
Finally some sunshine! Lovely sunny day in Melbourne - finally picking up some colour and not looking so pale! Took a trip to the museum which was pretty cool - minus the whole area just on bugs. Nice to know they have antivenom for most the spider bites :-) Massive park by the museum so spent a good 2 hours reading my book and napping in the sun. Then wandered back to Federation Square for a Starbucks. Sat by the river in the sun for another few hours reading my book again - picked up 'The...
By Fran in Fran & Mike's Big Adventure

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