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'Summertime', and the livin' is easy...
February 20, 2011 - Whitsundays Islands, Australia
Have been a bit slack with the old blog lately, but I've been kind of busy having the time of my life.  I'm alone in Melbourne now as Lou has flown home, so hopefully I can fill you in on Oz before I go to NZ on Wednesday. 20th - 22nd Feb, Sailing the Whitsunday Islands This is going to be a very long entry, because sailing was THE MOST INCREDIBLE 3 DAYS EVER.  If the rest of my trip is half as amazing as this, I'll be very happy indeed.  'Summertime', our Aussie skipper Brad told us, is...
By Rachel in Sit tight, take hold, Thunder Road.

Backpacks, Boot Cleaning and Brisbane Day 1
February 14, 2011 - Whitsundays Islands, Australia
G'day friends.  We're officially backpacking!  Who knew?  We're currently in the VIP Lounge at Brisbane Domestic Terminal waiting to fly to Hamilton Island for a week on the Whitsundays.  So there's hopefully time to tell you what happened on Day 1...   The Flight and BNE Day 1 Sat 12th Feb, early evening: Strauss and I met Lou on the underground at King's Cross to catch the tube to Heathrow.  Sad goodbyes before Security.  We made a few last-minute calls from the airport, and then...
By Rachel in Sit tight, take hold, Thunder Road.

Happy Bay, Stonehaven & H Island, Butterfly bay...
July 5, 2010 - Whitsundays Islands, Australia
Cid Harbor was so windy we opted to try for Palm Bay… It was adults only, so off to Happy Bay for the night.  We laid by the pool, the boys played mini golf with their Dads and Scottie had a swim and a spa. Stonehaven… What a night, the wind howled…  We went ashore and did some exploring… saw several stingrays, sea cucumbers, shells etc.  Played hearts but of course Karen and I were no match for Ian and Scott.  The wind blew so hard, it flipped the Dinghy in the middle of the...
By Robin and Ian in Ian Robin & Scott's Big Adventure

Whitsunday Sailing & Airlie Beach
July 6, 2010 - Whitsundays Islands, Australia
Nach unserem Fallschirmsprung haben wir noch zwei Tage in Mission Beach verbracht und sind von dort nach Airlie Beach gefahren. In Airlie Beach haben wir Abends das letzte Deutschlandspiel zusammen mit etwa 100 weiteren Deutschen geschaut. Ich bin ja dafuer, dass die Landessprache von Englisch in Deutsch geaendert wird. Hier wimmelt es nur so von Deutschen. Es gab noch kein Hostel, wo wir nicht mindestens drei Deutsche kennengelernt haben. Aber wenigstens war die Stimmung beim Spiel super und...
By Christine in CTine DownUnder

It's Windy
June 21, 2010 - Whitsundays Islands, Australia
Strong wind warnings… hmm, that can’t be too bad for sailing can it? We headed out to Cid Harbor for the first night and it was crazy windy, blowing 25 to 30 knots.  Unbelievable!!!!  And a bit cool… darn.  Hopefully it won’t last long. Took dinghy to shore in Cid Harbor and a little walk to the other side of the island to a great beach. Too cool for me to snorkel but Karen and Scott got out there with Jack.  I’m thinking the water was low 70’s. I shudder to get into any water...
By Robin and Ian in Ian Robin & Scott's Big Adventure

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