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"Cows on Parade" Returns
October 3, 2015 - Mayrhofen, Austria
It is not wise to take day-time medication prior to bedtime. We enjoyed a lovely breakfast along with visits from our hosts this morning; Marcus and Christine.  She is the loveliest lady I’ve ever seen.  She’s not only pretty but she has this lighted soul that just shines through. The Almabtrieb is a festival held different fall weekends throughout various mountainous areas like the Zillertal Valley.  It is a celebration of bringing the cows down from the high pastures for the winter...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

It’s the Journey Right?
October 2, 2015 - Mayrhofen, Austria
Today proved to be more about the journey than the destination.  I planned the trip by using several different mapping sites for estimated times between Points A and Points B.  But of course, there are always things unforeseen.   Our medication worked a miracle last night in that we both finally had a good night’s sleep.  Bill woke feeling much better; me, about the same; however, at least I know I slept well.  We settled up at the hotel and said good-by to the family dog, Mara. ...
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures

Almabtrieb in Mayrhofen, Austria
October 1, 2011 - Mayrhofen, Austria
  I had seen photos of cows in beautiful headdresses.  Couldn’t even say where I first saw them but I remember thinking, “Hey, what’s up with that?”  Well, the Almabtrieb is up with that.  Almabtriebs are held all over the Tirol region as a celebration of the time cows or other livestock are brought down from the high pastures for the winter.  They are a great excuse to gather in celebration, featuring local foods and beverages, and of course the cows....
By Kelly and Bill in Bill and Kelly's Excellent Adventures


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