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Day 13 Salzburg Austria
January 9, 2013 - Salzburg, Austria
  Today was a much more relaxing day, woke up around 8.45am and had breakfast in the hostel and got ready and headed into town round 10am. I walked round with Jess and we saw Mozarts birthplace in the day light, it cost 17 euro to go through the museum and the birthplace but we gave it a miss. I am a bit mueseumed out. Jess and I had lunch at restaurant in town I had pumpkin and ginger soup which was nice and then had apple strudel. It wasnt that good it seemed like it was reheated and the...
By Raelene in My Adventures

Day 12 - Venice Italy to Slazburg Austria
January 8, 2013 - Salzburg, Austria
  We are half way through our tour. Finally our last day in Italy. We are on the bus headed to Salzburg, Austria. I cant wait to have something different for dinner apart from pizza or pasta. I have now started to come down with a cold , I am still soldering on and trying not to let it get the better of me. I am going to try and find a cheap digital camera at one of the rest stops today as my camera is still no good. I have just been fiddling with the settings on my camera and changed...
By Raelene in My Adventures

Day 5
November 20, 2012 - Salzburg, Austria
A day in Austria tracking many of the wonderful scenes from the Sound of Music and visited the shops, walked the streets of Salzburg.  Toured the castle in many background pictures in the sound of music called Hohensalzburg.  Again a "pinch me Am I really strolling the streets of Austria in the Alps singing the soundtrack from the sound of music?".  I cannot possibly tell you how wonderful this is.
By Patty and Jody in Europe 2012

summer 2002
October 12, 2012 - Salzburg, Austria

By Leah in So far..

March 22, 2012 - Salzburg, Austria
 Off we went on a walking tour of Salzburg armed with a city map. Our hotel was just 10 min. away from the Old Town and the day was bright and sunny. First stop was at Mirabell Palace where I had gone to a string quartet concert in 1970. In the garden the tulips were up but not open and gardeners had planted an array of blooming flowers. We were walking toward the river going down streets clogged with bikes, vehicles, pedestrians, and stands. As we crossed the Makartsteg foot bridge a mime...
By Maryalice in Over there, Over there

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