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Pantanal Tour
July 5, 2009 - Campo Grande, Brazil
5th July  Pantanal Tour 3nts/4days We were picked up and after 6 hours travelling we finally arrived into the hotel. It is a very basic but comfortable set up.  We would have loved to have done the camping which has you sleeping in hammicks the whole time with a huge group of people, but were warned about the mosquitos from other travellers that had done it. Thank god we listened to them - as we had our own room where we could plug in one of those mosquito repellent things, covered...
By Tanya & Murray in Tanya & Murray's South America Extravaganza

Campo Grande
July 4, 2009 - Campo Grande, Brazil
4th July We arrived in the morning to be greeted by a herd of people wanting us to buy the Pantanal tour off them...  We did not even have our bags out of the bus yet!!! After a lot of please go away/get lost (ie p´$%& off) reactions they finally subsided for a bit to give us breathing space after our 15hr overnight bus trip. We walked around researching all the different companies we could do the Pantanal with and what they included. After 4 hours we finally decided to go with Ecologial...
By Tanya & Murray in Tanya & Murray's South America Extravaganza

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