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February 20, 2012 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Hola chicas y chicos Jetz gads Schlag auf Schlag wiiter... mues de Bricht vo Rio jetz schriibe, morn goemmer scho uf Costa Rica :-) Am 11.2. fuehrte uns unser Weg wieder einmal zum Flughafen. Uns erwartete Rio! Die erste Brasilianerin, welche wir am Flughafen sahen, rief in uns die Frage auf: Was ist alles echt an ihr? Wimpern - nein, Haare - nein, Lippen - nein, Brueste - nein, Naegel - nein, Hinterteil - hoechstwahrscheinlich auch nicht :-) Unser Abfluggate glich eher einem...
By Sabrina in América del Sur

Bariloche bis Buenos Aires
February 15, 2012 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
 Hola chicas y chicos Nun bin ich wieder einmal im Internetcafe und habe euch soooo viel zu erzaehlen, dass ich gar nicht mehr weiss, wo ich anfangen soll... Auf der Fahrt von El Bolson nach Bariloche durchquerten wir eine Landschaft, die mich sehr stark an Kanada erinnerte (das ist ja nichts Neues, es gibt so viele Orte, die aussehen wie in British Columbia oder in der Schweiz). Eliane und ich wollten eigentlich die Landschaft geniessen, doch dieser monotone Ton des Busmotors ist jedesmal...
By Sabrina in América del Sur

Her name is Rio & she dances on the sand...
August 12, 2011 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1. Where the devil have I been? We left sunny England on Tuesday 2nd August & took a quick flight to Madrid. 15 hours later, after a classy nights sleep on a window ledge in the airport, we boarded the flight to Rio de Janeiro. The 10 hours on the plane were well spent getting to grips with Brazilian culture & the Portuguese language by watching the animated film ¨Rio¨& having a quick flick through the phrase book. Sorted. On arrival in Brazil, we dragged our tired selves onto a bus &...
By Kate in 20 Questions Goes Global

July 29, 2011 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
today we went to the Cristo statue thing in ipanema (ee-puh-kneem-uh), which is a mountain.  We got there buy taking 3 busses.  All the busses have these obnoxious gates that you have to go through to get onto the bus, after you pay, and the annoying thing about them is that the gates are almost up to my rib-cage and are really really hard to turn and so then the buy monitoring would turn it for me only I was never expecting it and so every time they did that i would practically fall onto...
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

July 27, 2011 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
well!  running, horseback riding, and standing in line for the trolley for 1 1/2 hrs will deffinetely give you stiff legs - and basically everything else.  however we went to lunch at a resturaunt near our hotel/pousada that we're staying at and mom got crabcake (surprise surprise) and I ordered a side of mango and palmito (heart of palm) although our waiter got that mixed up with some kind of octopus salad that looked disgusting!!!  eventually i got my food and then we walked to the...
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

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