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June 22, 2009 - Parati, Brazil
22 June Well we had to say goodbye to the island and make our way back to the mainland to go further south.  We were expecting a normal travel coach while waiting at the bus station for the town (Paraty) about 2 hours south... Of course a ‘local’ bus turned up...  very interesting to travel with our bags in the middle of the isle and people trying to get around (bloody tourists! Eh eh eh). The bus ride itself was pretty good though, with beautiful coastline..... It was 2 hours, but it...
By Tanya & Murray in Tanya & Murray's South America Extravaganza

April 10, 2009 - Parati, Brazil
Our overland tour is run by a company called GAP, who operate adventure tours, all over the world. Our group consists of us and 8 others, who will all travel together for the next 25 days (with a couple leaving earler, and some carrying on after we leave.) It's a varied group, in terms of nationallity and age, and we all get on pretty well. The tour guide is a friendly Peruvian girl who is efficient, if a bit dissinterested at times. It all seems like a pretty good set up so far. Parati is...
By Ruth and Nic in Rainbow Tour

Parati or paradise
September 12, 2008 - Parati, Brazil
We've just spent the last 2 days in Parati which is 200km down the coast from Rio. It's an old colonnial town built by the Portuguese and is UNESCO listed for it's architecture. It's also on a beautiful stretch of coasline with 100's of tiny islands just offshore. We swam over to one yesterday. The water is certainly warmer than Bournemouth beach! Today we were on a boat trip, hopping between islands and swimming, snorkelling and sunning ourselves. A brilliant chill-out day. Also a great...
By Tracey & Kathy in Trace & Kath's Excellent Misadventure

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