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Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro....
March 1, 2009 - São Paulo, Brazil
Ola a todos!!! It’s me writing again after a few unforgettable days in Rio de Janeiro! Even when I didn’t do so much and my foot got worse because all the extremely circumstances, I had a great time!! I left on Friday morning to Rio with other six friends. We went by bus. Normally it takes 6 hours to get there but it took us almost 8 hours because of an accident on the way. Anyway, we had a pleasant trip, the buses here are very comfortable and it wasn’t that expensive. We paid...
By Paola in Brazil, Spring 2009

Second week in SP & More...
February 18, 2009 - São Paulo, Brazil
Olá amigos y familia!! Here I am again! this time having some free time to write because I had a little accident last Monday… I don’t know if I told you before about the hills in Sao Paulo, they are everywhere! I hate them!!! I went to eat something with my roomy Marisol and I fell off from a hill very bad!! It was really painful and I got a big hematoma on my left knee and serious ugly scratches on my foot. They both were bleeding and now I can’t walk properly..I am laming...
By Paola in Brazil, Spring 2009

My First week - Part 2
February 9, 2009 - São Paulo, Brazil
Olá todos vocês! …It’s raining a lot here (almost everyday in the afternoon!), then it’s the perfect time to stay at home & let you know more about what I have done the last couple of days… Saturday, 31 January: On my first day in Sao Paulo I immediately got in contact with the culture & the people… Marisol with a nice group took me and Ysanne (a Dutch girl from the University of Rotterdam who is also living at our place and arrived the same day) to a typical  and very...
By Paola in Brazil, Spring 2009

My First Week in Sao Paulo!
February 6, 2009 - São Paulo, Brazil
Olá a todos os que fazem parte da família, amigos e visitadores! Time is running so fast! I have already spent my first week in Brazil and I must say it has been really Cool ;-) As most of you know,  I left last Friday from Brussels at 6:30hrs after having had a emotional farewell to my boyfriend at the airport… I arrived to Lisbon almost 3 hours later and I spent there at least 4 hours waiting for my flight to Sao Paulo. At the Airport I tried to practice my...
By Paola in Brazil, Spring 2009

16) Onwards to Sao Paulo – out of the frying pan?.
September 5, 2008 - São Paulo, Brazil
The six hours coach ride from Rio is exceptionally comfortable. The driver isn't a maniac at all – I'm pleasantly surprised. Long-distance coaches are a feature of travel in S America. The coaches are double-deck, and seating is spacious. I'm on a 'semi-cama' bus – recliner seats. There are many routes of 15 to 24 hours or more and these generally use 'cama' buses – fully flat recline seats, with at-seat meal service etc. We're passing endless suburbs of 'Sampa' (S.P.'s city...
By Warren in Around The World In 80 Cocktails...

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