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Et c'est reparti pour un tour!
October 7, 2013 - Salvador, Brazil
2 ans après, presque jour pour jour, me voilà de nouveau devant ce petit écran, assis dans le patio d'une petite auberge à rédiger un "premier" article, avec en bruit de fond la télé, et une langue que je ne comprends pas, ou si peu. Cette fois-ci je pars en "petit" séjour d'un mois, oui c'est pas mal vous me direz, mais j'ai néanmoins le sentiment que c'est très court. D'autant que le pays choisi est plutôt immense, le Brésil! Alors je vais essayer de me concentrer sur la partie...
By Nicholas in Le Fil

last day in praia
July 27, 2011 - Salvador, Brazil
so today i got up and ran with Joni and Sandy again, then went horseback riding with perky, Joni, Sandy, my mom, and I.  Went to lunch, packed our suitcases and are now in a hotel close to Salvador. So we got to the airport to drop off the Dartley's, Joni, and the Skinners.  my mom goes in to confirm our flight for tomorrow from here to Rio.  apparently the flight was today at 10:30 not tomorrow.  so basically we had to pay an extra 90 hey-ice (that's not the actuall spelling, just the...
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

July 26, 2011 - Salvador, Brazil
I went running with Joni and Sandy at 7:30 this morning, hung around the pool reading in the sun and went into town with Perky, and then went to the turtle museum with Don, Bill, Carol, and Perky.  Then we came back here, showered, and went out to dinner. At lunch I had french fries (only Vegetarian food on the menu) and ''suco de maracuja'' which is passion fruit.  After lunch we went to the turtle museum thingymajiger where there were a lot of turtles.  we were there untill four-ish. ...
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

not much
July 25, 2011 - Salvador, Brazil
not much today.  We did a tour of someplace.  In the tour we swam in a river and walked for a really long time on a beach.  Then we came back here, I folded clothes in my suitcase (hoping to create some more room in my suitcase and be able to find my clothes) and then slept on the hammock for a half an hour.  After that I listened to music on my Ipod and sat on the bed bored.  And now I'm blogging-duh!-and watching something (I have no idea what it is) on CNN.  Hope the Tapkids...
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

great day (minus one part)
July 23, 2011 - Salvador, Brazil
well, minus the fact that i lost my retainer, it was a very good day.  we snorkeld around some coral, slept in the sun, and ate some dinner.  The coral was amazing.  there were so many fish!  there was a school of fish that kept following us around the coral and wouldn't leave us alone.  and then there were really cool black, and blue and greyish fish on the coral as well.  I wish i could've taken some pics but unfortunately no one has an underwater camera. after that we went back to...
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

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