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The Killing Fields, Cambodia
June 16, 2010 - Phnum Pénh, Cambodia
  I'll keep this one brief, because it's not going to brighten anyones day, but today we went to the killing fields near Phnom Phen in Cambodia... The whole history of this place has always facinated me, but it was still a shock to actually be there and in particular to hear about individuals experiences and to see depictions of some of the really, really ****ed up things people did here! There were a series of child-like paintings in a small museum at the site - made by a...
By Alex & Jinnie in The Big Trip

Phnom Penh
November 30, 2009 - Phnum Pénh, Cambodia
Ergendwänn hät mol en gschiide Maa gseit "Dä Wäg eschs Ziel..." - öb das i jedem Punkt so zuetrifft woget mer z'bezwiifle, aber uf jede Fall esch dä Wäg es Abentür ;). Aspiele tüend mer dodebi uf eusi "endlos" Reis vo Phu Quoc noch Phnom Penh. D'Fähre hät met eim Tag Verspötig abgleiht, leider häts nor no Tickets för dä Nommitag för eus öbrig gha, sodass mer dänn för die Nacht scho weder in Riach Gia gstrandet sind. Gmässe a eusem ursprüngliche Plan met zwoi Täg...
By Franziska und Pascal in Unterwegs mit Franziska und Pascal

Lao one time millionaires
September 17, 2009 - Phnum Pénh, Cambodia
Scroll maar een stukje voor de Nederlandse versie Time to check in again and to all the Canadians and english readers i apologize in advance. F has already writen her piece and i'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the time that has past from my last entry. so i think this may be a short and sweet version to catch you all up.Chang Mai was a super chill and lovely place to ride elephants, float down rivers on a bamboo raft(standing), walk through rice fields and into local "karen" villages...
By Froukje and Michelle in Dream it, Think it, Do it!

Phnom Penh
August 26, 2009 - Phnum Pénh, Cambodia
Having arrived in Phnom Penh from Vietnam via the Mekong delta (accompanied by a guide on the first day who was clearly interested mainly in his commission, judging by the number of shops he took us to), we decided to get the more sinister sights out of the way on our first morning.  We took a tuk-tuk out to the Killing Fields, used by the Khmer Rouge to murder tens of thousands of Cambodians when they were in power in the 1970's.  Today you can see some of the pits where there were mass...
By Nick Mike Nick in 3 Beers Please

Cambodia - Phnom Penh
July 26, 2009 - Phnum Pénh, Cambodia
The bus trip from Kep was about 5 hours which was ok the roads weren't the best but i've been on worse. Arriving in Phnom Penh was different to anywhere else in Cambodia a big busy place with traffic going everywhere, crazy drivers. I got a tuk tuk to the Okay GH and it lived up to its name the staff were very helpful and it was in a good location so maybe better than ok! I got a map and some advice on where to go, i went to the national museum which was in a great building and very...
By George in The big adventure

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