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Homeward Bound
May 19, 2014 - Canmore, Canada
Hi there. It's Revy.  I just realized we had never documented the final dog leg of our journey.  After we left Kaslo we began making our way home.  There was much discussion over which direction to head in and what new smells would be found in every option...but we felt that our epic journey was coming to a close and we could explore new adventures to new destinations at another time.  Where we had just travelled was so special that we did not feel the need to do any more.  It was hot...
By Koda and Revy in TravelScents

Sprung a leak
June 10, 2012 - Canmore, Canada
Well a great start so far. The portable doghouse sprung a leak yesterday. No big deal other than a wet roof and some colorful language from our human companions. Haven't heard those since Revy decided to mark territory inside the house as a puppy. All good now. Depart in the morning unless rains cats and dogs (Revy...you see any flying cats out there)? Looking forward to the car ride and the ol' scent trail tomorrow. Koda
By Koda and Revy in TravelScents

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