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Food in Jasper
July 8, 2012 - Jasper, Canada
We were feeling adventurous last night and sampled the local cuisine including bison meatballs and elk pot pie.
By Bill and Carla in Magical Mystery Tour

Jasper National Park
July 8, 2012 - Jasper, Canada
 We entered Jasper National Park and were greeted by the local wildlife. Looking at the vehicles in the town of Jasper we should have stayed with the VW bus or the bikes. The area is beautiful! We're on our way to Banff.
By Bill and Carla in Magical Mystery Tour

The Long Way Home
January 25, 2011 - Jasper, Canada
Our big adventure was coming to an end but we had been looking forward to this last leg of the tour the whole time!  We were about to do the "Romance by Rail" tour from Vancouver to Toronto (with no major stops except for a few hours in Jasper) and we were going to travel in luxury!!  Our cabin was a twice the size of a regular cabin.  In fact it was 2 cabins with the dividing wall removed and a large double bed in the centre.  Erik and I both had our own wash basin area and toilet room....
By Rosemary and Erik in Takin' the Love Train

December 28, 2010 - Jasper, Canada
Hi Gang! I know I haven't yet told you about Saskatoon and Edmonton but since this is fresh in my mind and we are still here in Jasper, I thought I would let you know what we are doing right now. As we came into Jasper from Edmonton in the early afternoon of Boxing Day, everyone was crowded into the dome in the Park car.  We had seen the mountains faintly in the distance about an hour before and as we got closer and closer, they got bigger and bigger and you could see that the white clouds...
By Rosemary and Erik in Takin' the Love Train

Powder Daze
April 11, 2010 - Jasper, Canada
The snow is melting. The elk are back in town, now with antlers sprouting from their heads. Birds twitter and chatter in the trees, while the wind blows about leaves left over from last fall and tiny leaves begin to peek outside of their cute, compact buds. The sun rises from its slumber earlier each morn, and sets later in the day than before. Spring seems to be struggling to overcome the cold nights, but it is growing stronger with every passing day and it is inevitably coming here to stay....
By Jessica Burtnick in Jessie Ann Outdoors

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