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Whistler with Christine
August 18, 2009 - Whistler, Canada
Amazing drive in from Kelowna - a lot of "OMG" moments!  Mike and Tim drove most of the way...the girls complained about the curvy drive.  I actually stubbed my toe in the back seat!!  We arrived at the campsite and had to walk in about a 1/4 of a km... a pain in the petunuia because we had to do it every time we left because of the bears!  Mike and Sierra won the "putting up the tent' race.  Only glory however...I was stuck making the meal either way!!  Christine came for supper...more...
By Tim & Ann in Fakowee...Explore. Dream. Discover.

June 14, 2009 - Whistler, Canada
13/6/09 I ended up staying in Kelowna about 3 more nights, and catching a lift home with the next 'Moose' tour bus that came through. I didnt really get a great vibe from the place...good looking college girls and a pretty park along the lake (City Park, which was full of druggies and homeless ppl anyway) were about the only attractions. Not that i saw too much from being in bed for the majority of the time. I had a group of about 40 AFL player stay at the hotel one night, as there was some...
By David in World Tour Adventures

March 10, 2008 - Whistler, Canada
Vi er nu kommet til Canada efter vi har tilbragt en dag i Los Angeles. Der saa vi Beverly Hills og Hollywood. Vi var til premiere paa filmen 10000 BC sammen med alle skuespillerne. Nu nyder vi sneen i Whistler og har lige vaeret sammen med Richard i 3 dage. Han koerte bare lige de 1100 km herned for at vaere sammen med os. Det kan man kalde kaerlighed til sine vaertsforaeldre. Vi ser ham igen om 10 dage, naar vi tager til Edmonton. Pisterne er gode herovre og er meget brede og naesten ingen...
By Susanne og Ejvind Nielsen in Susanne og Ejvinds World Tour

Toobin' At Whistler
February 26, 2008 - Whistler, Canada
G'Day All, Mel and I are now both unemployed so this week we're catching up on doing a few tourist-type things before leaving Vancouver. Today we caught the bus out to Whistler and spent some time in the tube park and wandered around. Good day, great weather. It's good that we've had this warm, sunny weather during our last couple of weeks in Vancouver, sort of leaves better memories of the place. There isn't too much to report, check out the new videos and pictures that we took on the...
By Justin in Justoid's Journal

Whistler - a bit of a bust :(
May 13, 2007 - Whistler, Canada
We booked an overnight trip up to Whistler from Vancouver with Moose Travel Company, a similar company to that of Oz Experience, allowing hop on hop off bus travel around Canada. Although our greyhound pass would take us up there, we decided to go with Moose because it would be more interesting as the tour guides generally make it fun, and we'd get to stop off and see stuff on the way there and back. But now we're trying to get money back. Here's why: At 8.25am, we were both stood outside...
By Becky and Lynsey in Becky and Lynsey's Travel Diary

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