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Prada shoes are one of the best Footwear
December 9, 2010 - Chengdu, China
All of us are hooked to brand names. When it comes to clothes and accessories like shoes, there are plenty of unbranded options available in the various local markets. But we still crave for those branded items and do not mind paying a few bucks more for buying these items. When it comes to shoes, Prada shoes are one of the best that are available in the market. Prada shoes are top of the line Italian shoes that have wowed customers for years. Whenever we think of design, the first name...
By John in travel

Retour à Chengdu
August 7, 2010 - Chengdu, China
 Après une journée de repos bien méritée à Songpan, où nous avons flané et pris des photos dans la ville l'après-midi, et préparé la suite de notre voyage, nous avons exploré la ville de nuit ! Nous sommes tombés sur une place, certainement la grande place de cette petite ville, bondée !! Des jeunes jouaient au football ou au basket, les petites dansant au rythme de la musique chinoise, et les plus âgés participaient à des chorégraphies de groupe (mon analyse des arts...
By Mathilde in Périple en Chine

Trajet en train de Xi'an à Chengdu
August 1, 2010 - Chengdu, China
 Alors pourquoi un nouvel article uniquement sur ce voyage de 16h ? Vous allez vite comprendre ... Après mes deux première expériences en train, j'aborde celui-ci de façon extrêmement sereine, c'est la première fois que je ne suis pas toute seule au milieu des Chinois,  et je me sens très bien préparée ! Le train est très animé, mais notre wagon semble des plus propres et moins bondé que lors de mes précédents voyages, peut-être que je me sens en quelque sorte protégée de...
By Mathilde in Périple en Chine

Chengdu & Leshan, China... or Panda Vs Buddha
May 31, 2010 - Chengdu, China
Even though its been raining in Chengdu, its very humid and you feel sticky all the time - its a lot like Durban in SA actually. Despite the weather though, and despite the fact that Alex and I have tired of middle Chinese cities (which are just a bit dissapointing after having been to Beijing), we really enjoyed our time in Chengdu... Yesterday we went to Leshan (a 2-3 hour drive from Chengdu) to see the famous Grand Buddha which is carved into a mountain and is the biggest buddha in Asia....
By Alex & Jinnie in The Big Trip

a spring festival in chenngdu
January 29, 2010 - Chengdu, China
Now the spring festival is coming soon.It's the first festival with my family after my graduation.So I am ready to enjoy the festival,the best place I want to go is my hometown.It's a small town near chengdu.Even though there are only several sights,I think I can have fun.In china,the most important thing when the festivals come is to be with family.I think nothing is happier than to see the smile on your family's face.So this spring festival I will stay with my family and send my blessing by...
By Michiyo in michiyo's travel in China

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