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Yangzi river journey
November 22, 2007 - Chongqing, China
Doing a huge update of journal so gone back in time a great skill to have to tell you guys at home what iv been upto. sorry its been so long since wrote but fell into a kind of technology void bubble, china is very backward country and obviously doesn't value internet or phone cards. Well on Thursday 12th november arrived at Chongqing at the mouth of the yangzi river, kind of in the middle of china. Bit of an odd place everythin built on a hill so have to climb millions of steps up through...
By laura in Scouser on Tour

The Three Gorges
March 26, 2007 - Chongqing, China
From our night train, we had a 4-hour bus ride to our boat. Fortunately we had a few stops along the way. One was to visit the Yangtze damn, the largest damn project in the world to date. I was impressed by the 2-way, 5-lock, ship lock used by large boats to get past the damn. There was also a smaller single-lock “ship lift” that a small vessel could pass the 130 meter water differential in 40 minutes. Made me think of my friend Greg in NY who was so impressed with the Hoover damn in AZ....
By ldjgnsktngs in Mid-Life Crisis Pacific Dive Tour

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