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A fine weekend!
September 16, 2012 - Hong Kong Island, China
We have all had a fine weekend - weather,music, food, shopping (?!) all of the highest quality!!   It all started with a stunning concert on Friday night in the Helsinki Concert Centre -an extraordinary building only opened twelve months ago. It too is sunk partly into the ground and is fundamentally a round building -concert in the round.  Our seats were behind the orchestra and we had a fabulous view!  The concert featured Brahms and Shostokovich and the orchestra and violinist were...
By Rosemary in Out and about in Europe

September 10, 2012 - Hong Kong Island, China
Yesterday we had an extraordinary experience!!!  Being Sunday we decided to attend one of the many churches around Helsinki.  We chose Temppeliaukio Church, which is a city church completely quarried into bedrock!  It is situated in a square and the basic idea was to preserve the rock formation of the square so the essential construction has been built into the rock as much as possible.  We got there at 10. am just as the service was starting.  We stepped into one of the most spiritual...
By Rosemary in Out and about in Europe

And so it begins
September 6, 2012 - Hong Kong Island, China
I am writing this in the Traveller's Lounge at Hong Kong Airport - after walking halfway back to Sydney trying to find it in this amazing airport.  I have just had a shower and am heading for a G and T!! Theq flight was great - seat 80 A was fabulous - window seat but with no seat in front of me so double the legroom.  Nobody in the two seats beside me - the A380 had plenty of spare seats - a bit of a worry for Qantas I would think.   However it was a very peaceful flight and I managed to...
By Rosemary in Out and about in Europe

No cycling and Subways.
September 18, 2011 - Hong Kong Island, China
Life in Hong Kong has been a little too amazing. A dream in fact, we have swam in a leisure pool and played tennis, relaxed under umbrellas on sun loungers, reading books. However I am slightly worried that I have become too Chinese to appreciate it. In HK, its simply not acceptable to spit in the streets (no longer necessary now that I've finally rid myself of the plague I've hosted since Beijing), take a pee in the nearest bush, barge your way to the front of queues and onto the subway...
By Charlotte Roach in 10000miles, 15countries, 6months, 2wheels, 1nutter

The real China - check!
September 14, 2011 - Hong Kong Island, China
In short: It's almost 4000km from Beijing to Xian, to Ankang to Hong Kong. Foreigners are not allowed to go to and have never been to most places en route. China Total distance covered 3967km Time taken to complete: 34 days (and one 0 day) Time estimated driving via google maps: 3 days 1 hour Time by flight: 4 hours Total # m climbed: 41922 # of punctures: 6 # police arrests: 2 # losts > 30km : 2 # maps used: 4 # ferries: 1 # days the GPS worked: 0.5 # days the speedometer worked: 9.5...
By Charlotte Roach in 10000miles, 15countries, 6months, 2wheels, 1nutter

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