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Boat Tour
July 26, 2009 - Yangshou, China
 We went on a boat tour to Yangshou that was  four hours long.  We saw nine horses on a rock, they were naturally formed on rocks out of shrubs.  I could only make out on horse on the rock.  Then we went to the place where the picture for the 20 dollar bill was taken. I got 2 pictures.     We took  a bus into the countryside to visit a local farmers house.  The kitchen was  a refrigerator and  table, but no chairs.  Then we saw how they made milk  with soybeans.  It was ...
By Tian in Trip to China (and several other places)

Photos Galore
September 5, 2008 - Yangshou, China
We are currently in Yangshou after taking a 2 hour flight from Xi'an to Guilin followed by a 1.5  hour nightmare minibus journey to our hotel.  The roads were so bumpy and the bus driver seemed to enjoy driving as fast as he could, which made our journey interesting!  We were bouncing around out of our seats, it was almost like being in a jeep on safari!  Yangshou is spectacular, set in the hills with small tiny cobbled streets. Our tour guide was spot on when he described the area as...
By Richard & Cara in Cara & Richard's 2008 Adventure

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