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Final Days of Zhongshan and Tips for China
June 25, 2009 - Zhongshan, China
And so, my China trip is drawing to a close and I am saddened and excited. I am happy to be going home, to see my family and chill with friends and generally just slack off, but I am also sad to be leaving here and my Chinese family, and so much delicious Chinese food, right, and Jia, too.  :P So. For anyone who wants to travel China, or who just wants to know about it, I'm going to leave tips on this page. Actually, I lied. This has nothing to do with the rest of you, it's a reminder for...
By Charly and Jia in The Adventures of Charly and Jia

Zhongshan Day 97
June 22, 2009 - Zhongshan, China
In China, boys don't buy a hot girl drinks. They buy them fruit. heheh  :D  Drunk Chinese guys are funny. We went Lichi picking today!! Yum.... ^^
By Charly and Jia in The Adventures of Charly and Jia

Zhongshan Day 428
June 18, 2009 - Zhongshan, China
So, what I said about wishing Happy Father's Day? Yeah. I take it back. I was wrong because I'm bad with dates even when I have a calender. So there. See if I wish you all a Happy Father's Day THIS sunday!! :P   Family: Love the St. Louis pics!! haha, I need to hear about this Metropolis trip (favorite picture: Mary looking quizzically at the Batman shirt while standing in the phone booth). Jia loved the picture of y'all and her family members- she thinks it's very funny. Apparently, her...
By Charly and Jia in The Adventures of Charly and Jia

Zhongshan Day 42
June 16, 2009 - Zhongshan, China
Haha, I can never remember what day I'm on in Zhongshan, so I'm just gonna put up random numbers... We're signed up for two more trips!! Hong Kong is over this weekend, and we were supposed to go tomorrow to the beach to camp overnight, but apparently it's been raining there, so the travel agency postponed until next week when we'll hopefully be able to go! We also still intend on Macau and Guangzhou soon. So yeah. We're just gonna hang out for a little while and rest up :D  Love you all!
By Charly and Jia in The Adventures of Charly and Jia

Re: Next one!!
June 10, 2009 - Zhongshan, China
Jia and my next destination: Guilin!!  Noteworthy for its beautiful scenery, mountains, and river, guiling is said to be one of the most beautiful places in China. And we leave..... tomorrow!!! haha, yay! :P And by the way, it looks like we won't be headed to Shanghai like we thought. It came down to 1.] and expensive trip for two days just by ourselves, 2.] a five day five city trip that would be a lot cheaper but places Jia has been before (and really, Shanghai itself isn't all that...
By Charly and Jia in The Adventures of Charly and Jia

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