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Three countries -three kronas
September 6, 2012 - Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, a typical Dutch city. Flat, windy, clean with buildings made in ikea from jelly moulds. Naturally it hasn't taken me long to crack the basics of life here, you pay, you do and you pay. It's not that I necessarily object to paying, it's not as if Scandinavia was selected as a destination for its good value. However it's the agreeing a price and paying later that begins grate. Fortunately we have managed to get our own back on Copenhagen with abit of nifty fare dodging. It was...
By Charlotte Roach in 10000miles, 15countries, 6months, 2wheels, 1nutter

Danish West Coast
August 23, 2011 - Nymindegab, Denmark
One of the things I am truly going to miss when this trip is over is the sense of mystery that comes with a driving day. On such days you head out not knowing what you will see or where you will end up, and more often than not you are pleasantly surprised. Yesterday was such a day. We left Tina’s house in the afternoon and headed for the Danish west coast. When we got there we were surprised to find that the entire stretch we drove along the coast is comprised of sand-dunes that go way...
By Peter in The Liljedahl's European Odyssey 2011

19th Anniversary
August 21, 2011 - Århus, Denmark
Today is Theresa and my 19th wedding anniversary. So, Tina lent us her car and the two of us headed for Århus – Denmark’s second largest city – just 20 minutes north of Tina’s house. After we walked along the shore for a while we headed into the city core. We found the cafe and restaurant district and settled down for a nice lunch. We both ordered ‘stegt flæsk med persillesovs’, which is fried pork with parsley sauce and potatoes. This was a dish that we had seen when we were...
By Peter in The Liljedahl's European Odyssey 2011

Moesgård Museum
August 20, 2011 - Solbjerg, Denmark
  Yesterday we arrived at Tina and Robert’s house in Solbjerg. Tina is a friend of Theresa’s from when we lived in Burnaby and together with Robert became close friends of ours before they moved to Denmark (where Tina is originally from). Right away the kids connected over some computer games that they share an interest in. Today we spent the day at Moesgård Museum close to here. Aside from being an anthropological and archaeological museum focusing on the local history – including...
By Peter in The Liljedahl's European Odyssey 2011

Egeskov Castle
August 18, 2011 - Kværndrup, Denmark
  After eating breakfast in the rest stop we continued on our journey south. After about an hour we arrived at our destination of the day – Egeskov Castle. This is a castle that, like so many others, has been turned into a park; except this castle/park boasts something extra. In addition to the castle itself – along with the expected gardens, hedge maze, and fountain – there is also a classic motorcycle and car museum. For the kids there are also a number of playgrounds and a tree...
By Peter in The Liljedahl's European Odyssey 2011

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