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Coming Home
June 19, 2012 - Cuenca, Ecuador
Hi Everybody, Sorry to not have written in a while.  We are heading home tomorrow and are very excited!  Many last minute things to do today including dropping off supplies at the preschool.  Thank you again for all the generous donations!  Had a really fun goodbye dinner last night with our friends.  Allie and Liz are having lunch today with their old Spainish teacher, Bertha and Dad is visiting the airport to get last minute papers for Calle.  We can't wait to see you all soon, (the...
By Keith, Jen, Liz, Allie and Seb in Off to Ecuador!

Supplies Drive For Public Preschool in Cuenca
April 27, 2012 - Cuenca, Ecuador
One of our favorite things we are doing is volunteering at a public preschool for kids ages 4, 5 and 6. Allie and I have been going about three times a week. The teachers are really friendly and sincere and the kids are kind, smart and cute. The kids know our names now and we look forward to volunteering. We play with them outside, help with them with their letters, and talk with them. But we have noticed that the school lacks some basic supplies for the kids like pencils. The other day...
By Keith, Jen, Liz, Allie and Seb in Off to Ecuador!

February 17, 2012 - Cuenca, Ecuador
We really appreciate when you leave comments so we know who has been visiting! As you well know, we have been volunteering at the Jardin public pre-school. We were invited to celebrate carnaval with them. When we arrived a beauty pagent was underway. About fifteen little girls in costumes, dancing on a stage made of tables. After, all the kids, teachers, parents, and us got out our carioka (foam in a can) and went crazy. Spraying everyone in sight. It wasn't a big problem because the stuff...
By Keith, Jen, Liz, Allie and Seb in Off to Ecuador!

Adios Ecuador
October 15, 2011 - Cuenca, Ecuador
Hola chicas y chicos In meiner Intrepidtravelgruppe sind ganze VIER andere Mitreisende... Liz aus London, Ben und Liz aus Sydney und Jim aus Irland - man ueberlege sich die Umgangssprache der Gruppe selber. Waehrend beide Liz und Ben in meinem Alter sind, schiesst Jim weit uebers Ziel hinaus: Mit 66 Jahren, da faengt das Leben an! :-) Nachdem ich mit Liz L (ondon) am Samstag nochmals in Otavalo war und wacker eingekauft habe, fuhren wir am Sonntag los Richtung Tena und weiter in den Urwald in...
By Sabrina in América del Sur

October 13, 2011 - Cuenca, Ecuador
34 jours 12 villes 2 pays 1 article Je m'attendais a avoir du mal a ecrire ce blog, mais a ce point... Je m'en excuse donc d'avance. Je pensais suremenent que j'aurai plus de temps pour me poser devant un PC. Et probablement plus de motivation. Je suis plus en mode carpe-diem a profiter des supers moments presents qu'a me retourner en arriere pour me rememorer ce que j'ai fait. A ce propos, j'ai egalement sous-estime ma flemmardise en emportant un journal de bord, qui se devait plus personnel...
By Simon in SreggTrip

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