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On to the Rainforest!
August 7, 2011 - Otavalo, Ecuador
Its only been a day since our fearless travelers checked in with you last but it already seems ages ago! After another amazing meal at our deluxe accommodations at Terra Bambu we hit the road…for hours! Oy! We got to visit a very touristy but interesting spot where the equator runs. Here it is called Mitad el Mundo or Middle of the World. We learned about the different forces affecting weather and the famous question – “Which way does the water go down the toilet in the Southern...
By Naomi in Vamanos a Sud America!

Didn't Mean to Fall Off the Face of the Earth!
August 7, 2011 - Otavalo, Ecuador
We are in one of the most amazing places on earth! Mindo is a town in the middle of the cloud forest north of Quito. We arrived here Wednesday evening after a long car ride through the mountains. Hard to believe we’ve been here just 3 days. It was a long trip to Ecuador. 3 plane rides with not much time in between. Nice that Copa Airlines offers complimentary beer and wine. Immigration and customs were quick and then we were whisked away to our hostel by Keith, our driver, fixer and guide....
By Naomi in Vamanos a Sud America!

Jungle Fever!
November 11, 2008 - Otavalo, Ecuador
 We endured an incredibly bumpy, all day truck journey followed by a 20 minute canoe ride to the Anaconda Lodge situated right on the edge of the river Napo in the Amazon Basin. The Napo joins the Amazon 900K down-river and is fast-flowing. The lodge is rustic to say the least, but nevertheless comfortable with just netting for windows for optimum ventilation. It´s built on stilts as when it rains the water level can rise by quite a few metres very quickly, then drop again just as...
By Tracey & Kathy in Trace & Kath's Excellent Misadventure

Canyoning & Quad-biking
November 11, 2008 - Otavalo, Ecuador
.....but first we spent a couple of days chilling at the beach where we camped on the sand and woke to the roar of the waves. We even managed to go for a couple of runs along the beach which was brilliant because it was just so quiet and really beautiful..... we even tried to do some intervals instead of just plodding along. True to form I sweated like a pig and even Kath had a couple of beads of perspiration on her brow! The beach had quite a bit of surf so we decided to swim out beyond the...
By Tracey & Kathy in Trace & Kath's Excellent Misadventure

Oh, the places we´ve been!
January 20, 2007 - Otavalo, Ecuador
OK, so we´ve been remiss, and its been a long time since we´ve blogged. Sorry to those of you trying to live vicariously though us... I hope you have found some other sustenance! Even though for me some of the stuff I´m about to write about happened (eek!) almost a month ago, for you it hasn´t even happened yet. So I don´t think it will be as weird for you to read as for me to write! I warn you now, it might get long. Before I start, a note about pictures. We have taken...
By Benjie and Rachel in Hemispheres

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