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Germany, 4 countries in a day, Spain and Egypt
April 14, 2012 - Cairo, Egypt
On reflection, the snow was absolutely sensational. Laying in bed that night, I felt like a kid at Christmas. Watching dogs run through the snow having the time of their lives, even though they can't really life their legs, watching small children (and fully grown Aussie adults) have snow fights, watching the snow fall from the trees on unsuspecting bystanders when the weight of the snow was too heavy for the branches - it was all so much fun. I've always wanted to have a white Christmas in...
By Lex And Jason - now with added Julian and Alana in Lex and Jason's European Expedition

Entry 7 - Ethiopia: Part 1
November 14, 2010 - Aswan, Egypt
We drove across the 200m stretch of no-man’s land between Kenya and Ethiopia just before noon on Wednesday the 20th of October. Our truck stopped right outside the Ethiopian immigration office and one of the members of our group collected the group’s passports so that the immigration officials could stamp us into the country. The entire group was advised by the tour company to arrange their Ethiopian visas before embarking on the trip, so we felt confident that checking into the country...
By Robert & Hendrik in Joburg to Cairo

I do...
November 1, 2010 - Cairo, Egypt
While I was in Egypt I had the opportunity to go to a wedding in small village-esque area of Cairo. Having spent so much time in Kenya, I had been walking around Egypt in pretty low-key (aka: daggy) attire; most of which sported holes and was faded as a result of the rough treatment given it by Kenyan washing mamas. Needless to say, I had nothing appropriate to wear to an upper middle class muslim wedding. I bought a long dress and a turtleneck long sleeved top to go underneath, which many of...
By Kate Breuer in Jambo!

Dahab and Mount Sinai
September 28, 2010 - Dahab, Egypt
So I was exhausted when I got into Dahab at 5am last Wednesday. It turned out to be a really great backpacker town though. It was vibrant, but not too big. Beautiful, but not too resorty (yet). It had the Red Sea, with a view of Saudi Arabia, to one side, and a beautiful mountain range that the sun always set over to the other side. You will see a lot of sky/sun pictures this time. The place I stayed was also amazing: Dahab Dorms. Great atmosphere, amazing staff, pool, breakfast, unlimited...
By Niki in Niki's Adventures

Cairo and Giza
September 22, 2010 - Cairo, Egypt
Monday morning I woke up in my dorm room in The Australian Hostel in Cairo! I befriended Canadian Greg, and we went to the Egyptian Museum. It had more Egyptian mummies, statues, tombs, and pots than you can imagine. Lots and lots of very old stuff. My favorites included 1.) some black statues made of very so hard material so the fine detail still remained, 2.) a beautiful bead bracelet with detailed lion charms and a sophisticated slide clasp, and 3.) King Tut’s headdress. Unfortunately...
By Niki in Niki's Adventures

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