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August 5, 2010 - Alexandria, Egypt
Day 1 On my first day in Egypt we docked in Alexandria and I decided that I definitely needed to get on an SAS trip, so I got on a trip called "The Best of Alexandria". We loaded up on buses and drove through downtown, which I have to say, was quite a culture shock! Everywhere around us there was garbage. Piles and piles of garbage! We also noticed that all the buildings are crumbling from the inside out, like the ceilings are falling through the windows. Our guide told us that people don’t...
By Jessica in Semester At Sea!

July 28, 2010 - Alexandria, Egypt
Day 5On our last day in Turkey, we got up and went straight to a really neat palace nearby. We walked around in the beautiful gardens, which were full our red and yellow flowers, and green lawns and trees ,and went into all the elaborate buildings that housed old Turkish jewels and other artifacts. All the buildings were done up in gold and were so extensively detailed, they were incredible! We spent a few hours walking around, then the rest of the group went back to the ship but, Morgan and...
By Jessica in Semester At Sea!

July 28, 2010 - Alexandria, Egypt
Day 4 TurkeyAfter our nap, we got up and headed up to Taxism Square to go shopping. The square had some great little shops and we had fun going through them all! After shopping, we went to the Cemberlitas Hamami Turkish Bath. For those who have never gone to a traditional Turkish Bath, if you go to Turkey ever, you have got to do it! First, you get there and pick the package you want to do. I got the "wash and scrub plus the reflexology therapy". So, first they lead you to the women’s side...
By Jessica in Semester At Sea!

TURKEY Day 2 and Day 3
July 28, 2010 - Alexandria, Egypt
On Day 2 in Turkey, we got up to go on a SAS trip to the Prince’s Isles, which are a group of really rich islands off the coast of Istanbul. We got on the ferry and immediately fell asleep....           I think I have gotten the majority of my sleep in ports on ferries! The one we went to was called Bullikaya and was a beautiful little island filled with huge mansions that are, rumor has it, owned by Russian royalty. Right when we got there we loaded into a horse-drawn carriage that...
By Jessica in Semester At Sea!

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