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Dahab and Mount Sinai
September 28, 2010 - Dahab, Egypt
So I was exhausted when I got into Dahab at 5am last Wednesday. It turned out to be a really great backpacker town though. It was vibrant, but not too big. Beautiful, but not too resorty (yet). It had the Red Sea, with a view of Saudi Arabia, to one side, and a beautiful mountain range that the sun always set over to the other side. You will see a lot of sky/sun pictures this time. The place I stayed was also amazing: Dahab Dorms. Great atmosphere, amazing staff, pool, breakfast, unlimited...
By Niki in Niki's Adventures

Tauchschein fertig!
September 5, 2009 - Dahab, Egypt
Hey alle zusammen! Bin immernoch in Dahab am Roten Meer. Ich bin hier irgendwie ein bisschen stecken geblieben! Langeweile ist trotzdem nicht in Sicht! Heute habe ich meinen Tauchkurs vollendet und wollte eigentlich gleich noch den naechsten Kurs machen, aber leider hatte ich bei meinem 2. Tauchgang heute Probleme mit den Ohren und deshalb wars leider nichts. Da ich aber irgendwie sowieso weiter sollte ist das wohl ein wink des Schicksals und ich werde einfach wiederkomme... Die Tauchgaenge...
By Markus in Markus' way around the world

Red Sea Diving
June 18, 2009 - Dahab, Egypt
Connecting the continents of Africa and Asia, the Sinai peninsula is famous for its desert mountain scenery, its biblical history, and the stunning coral reefs along its Red Sea coastline. Unfortunately it was also the site of conflicts between Egypt and Israel during the last century, and  remains a kind of buffer between the two countries. One consequence of this is that we had to endure multiple passport checks on the bus ride from Cairo, including at both ends of the Suez tunnel, and in...
By Bull/Comeau Family in Beckie and Luke's World Tour

Last day in Dahab
February 12, 2009 - Dahab, Egypt
Hello all! So yesterday was amazing. Me and the group went quad biking around Dahab. We got to ride on the open road, mountain scenery and by the beach. It was freaking awesome. I was freaked at first since it was my first time on a quad bike, but I eased up after a bit and got things going. We were going insanely fast! One of the girls turned a corner and hit a boulder and fell off, but she was okay with a couple of scrapes and bruises, and she was the safest driver of us all. While quad...
By Charlene in The world is round...so roll with it

Mount Sinai
February 9, 2009 - Dahab, Egypt
Ah! I've barely updated, but it's only becaause I've been so busy sight seeing and doing crazy things, like hiking Mount Sinai this morning! It was treacherous! It kind of reminded me of the Grouse Grind, except it was extremely dusty and windy. It took 3 hours, but I got to the top. The sunrise was amazing, I love watching the sunrise in Egypt! I think I've seen at least 5?! I also went on a hot air balloon and watched the sunrise, over the Valley of Kings. I've seen so much, and I'm holding...
By Charlene in The world is round...so roll with it

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