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No pirates as yet
November 1, 2009 - Safaga, Egypt
 So disappointed; no pirates in view.  Been in the Gulf of Oman since midnight.  Just spotted a Navy ship off our bow.  The captain keeps up updated re; the security onboard.  Not in the least bit afraid. Classes going well; hot as hell and humid as well. 2 days to Dubai the off to the far East where India awaits us.  Take care and love, Barbara, Mom  
By Barbara in Legend of the Seas

Here we are in the Gulf of Aden
October 31, 2009 - Safaga, Egypt
 We shall be cruising the next 4 days prior to our arrival in Dubai.  We are sailing through pirate infested waters and have been getting daily explanations from our captain as to the security measures taken in the last few months; not to worry, helicpoters, Navy ships and constant contact with the overseers of the security in Dubai.  We shall be fine. Went to Friday night services last evening; 4 Jews, 4 Christians and 2 Moslems attended. There are very enlightening lectures re the Moslem...
By Barbara in Legend of the Seas

Safaga, Egypt
October 29, 2009 - Safaga, Egypt
 Went through the Suez Canal yesterday; somewhat interesting but not like the Panama Canal.. No locks on this one as the Red Sea and the Mediterrean are only 3 feet differential Today we took a shuttle in Safaga ; not much to see. Bought some saffron for Ellen.  Coming up are 5 sea days with lots of work and bridge; 7 tables minimum at the game and students are very interested in lessons. We now have a table for 10 at dinner with wonderful people with many varied interests. Dubai is our...
By Barbara in Legend of the Seas

Crossing the Line!
November 14, 2006 - Safaga, Egypt
Crossing the Line! Quick Update! We are about halfway done with our 8 sea days. We haven’t been rehearsing all that much because our theatre is always being used. We usually have to end up having midnight rehearsals. Erin and I are still in full swing with our safety training, we have it basically every morning up until November 24th. I posted a few pictures of us in fire fighting training. (They are in the November album.) As for other things on the ship…GI is going around. We...
By Matthew in Matthew's Travelogue!

8 Days at Sea!
November 10, 2006 - Safaga, Egypt
8 Days at Sea! I apologize for not updating in a while; nothing too exciting has been going on. I haven’t had the chance to get off the boat since Egypt. We currently are sailing through the Red Sea. Supposedly it is highly infested with sharks. Sea days, from what I hear, are rough. Passengers are on board for 8 days straight with nothing to do…so that’s where we come in and help. Throughout the next 8 days they double up on activities for the passengers to keep them busy....
By Matthew in Matthew's Travelogue!


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