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Pont du Gard and Nimes
June 3, 2013 - Avignon, France
We left the hotel around 9am for a 45 minute bus ride to Pont du Gard, a magnificent three-level, stone built aqueduct over the River Gard. We then had about 1.5 hours to wander around the museum and park before meeting up again at noon for lunch at La Terrace. Again a nice three course lunch - some kind of terine again, pork and fruit salad for desert. A pleasant stroll to the bus and another 45 minute ride to Nimes. I'm in love - what a wonderful city and no wind! We had a guided walk...
By Cathy in Europe 2013

River Cruise along The Rhone
June 3, 2013 - Avignon, France
The day did get slightly better yesterday - they were giving out free hugs in the square outside the hotel so I had me two. They did actually help! Used the hotel computer to check out my blog pics last night. Not looking too bad, if I do say so myself :-). The pics from yesterday morning are quite good, considering I was shooting blind. I've also learnt how to frame and add a description to my pics. Hope your all looking forward to the slideshow night (haha). One of the gents from the...
By Cathy in Europe 2013

Wasted Day
June 1, 2013 - Avignon, France
This morning hasn't started well. Up at 630am for my tour only to find it was cancelled and no one had suggestions for somthing else.   After chatting to Don and Pat my aprehension about being over weight for Ryan Air had increased so I spent a good hour messing with my luggage until I thought the wieghts might be right only to find out the hotel doesn't have any scales. They suggested taking my suitcase to the post office who may wiegh it for a fee, if they are open.   So I head out...
By Cathy in Europe 2013

The Luberon
May 31, 2013 - Avignon, France
Much better sleep last night - I got them to change the doona for a blanket - phew! Lovely sunny day with a wind of about 25kph - blowy but sunshine - ya! The day started with a 45 minute bus ride to L'Isle-sur la Sorgue a lovely little town that has a river running through it with lots of waterwheels that were used to mill silk back in the day. We had about an hour to wander around and I soon learnt that footpaths are used for cafe tables, pedestrians share the road with cars. Funny, but...
By Cathy in Europe 2013

May 29, 2013 - Avignon, France
This is the rest of the entry from 29 May. I miss my keyboard! I had my first drink in Europe - didn't know they free pour the spirits here! Enjoyed it at the time, but not so much this morning. Between that, central heating and hot flushes, it was a very restless night. As soon as I was dressed, I bolted out to the fresh 5 degree air, oblivious of the looks from passers by. Unfortunately, my bliss turned to grief when I smashed the screen of my phone. Thankfully it still works as a...
By Cathy in Europe 2013

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