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End of the Baltic, London and Quaint Villages
September 12, 2010 - Bordeaux, France
September 10, 2010 The last cruise was a repositioning cruise, which are my favorite because there's a few random stops.  So, the last Baltic cruise had a full (non embarkation!!) day in Copenhagen, Oslo again, and Amsterdam once more.  The only unfortunate part of the cruise was when we had to skip Tallinn.  We had some things we wanted to get, but because of the weather we had to skip it, it was sad. Other than port things, we've gotten yet another cruise director, our 5th changeover...
By Kelsey in Kelsey @ Fuzzy Travel

August 29, 2010 - Bordeaux, France
Salut!was bisher geschah:Wir sind am 20. August tatsächlich in Herdecke losgefahren und haben es geschafft das Land zu verlassen. Der erste (wie sich später herausstellte) wahnwitzige Plan war es, am nächsten Morgen in Paris zu Frühstücken. Als wir um neun Uhr Abends immernoch in Belgien waren, beschlossen wir, erstmal zu essen und eine Nacht in der idyllischen Feldmark zu verbringen. Belgien, das Land durch das man sonst eigentlich nur durchfährt, ist wirklich wunderschön. (die...
By Jule&Lyko in Jule @ Fuzzy Travel

Leaving Paris for somewhere Nice.
July 30, 2010 - Bordeaux, France
There are so many creative ways in which I would like to approach this latest update, yet having just taken the best part of an hour to sift through the 300+ photos from the last couple of days and pick the best representatives to upload (priority one based on the 'thousand words' philosophy) it's now too late to worry about creativity and aesthetics. So let's go right back to basics and aim for short, sweet and most importantly sleep. Disclaimer: If this is your first time visiting this...
By Steve and Bec in European Adventure

Stage Two up to Five Complete
September 17, 2010 - Bordeaux, France
Completed San Sebatian - Pamplona  - Bilboa - Bordeaux next stage heads to the hills where we will be following the Tour and chacing Lance. We will be camping out for the next week.   Run down on whats been happeneing:   San Sebatian, cool coastal town much like Ocean Grove but the size of Geelong. Was good to have some down time after a hectic Barcelona. Enjoyed the beach and the food.Saw three different people I hadn;t expected to see, small world.   Pampalona, caught the late night...
By Shannon in Adventures of Euro Smack

Bonjour Bordeaux
August 1, 2009 - Bordeaux, France
 Bordeaux, a place Kristina wanted to visit the first time we arrived in France but due to the awful weather (granted it was Feb) we had to move on as quickly as possible. So as we meander through France for the fourth time on this journey we made sure we stopped by. Bordeaux's motorways were busy and we were stuck in traffic for a looonnnggg time. We got worried cause the campsite we were heading to stated 'booking essential' and we hadn't, why change a habit of a lifetime? But with time...
By Chris&Kristina in Europe Duo

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