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Ahh Dijon!
February 15, 2011 - Dijon, France
FINALLY, now that I'm less lazy, I shall tell all about Dijon, the capital of Bourgogne (province of France) and of mustard! Yay for excessively long journal entries! I could split this into two days, but WHERE'S the FUN in that? We (Nadja, Elaine, Theresa, Ling, et moi) left immediately after classes on Friday and took the train to Dijon, France! We started at a surprise tourist office, which was largely unhelpful. So we just set about exploring on our own. First thing we stumble upon is a...
By Charlotte / Charly in The French Experiment

Ecrins journey
January 28, 2011 - Dijon, France
"Life is a struggle between freedom and security" whispers the old man. The old men can say funny stuff. Like kids, they bable the stuff that the adult forgets. Like bubles in the air, like leaves on a tree, the words fall aways, for anyone that wants to grab them, and collect. If we always listened the old men or the kids, we'd end up doing nothing. Afraid, thetanized by anguish we'd be. So, we put them in museums, and we call it art. To keep going with the grand art that is life, let's jump...
By Manue in Manue's tales.

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