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November: Italy, Spain, Family and Thanksgiving
November 30, 2008 - Pau, France
I wish I had more time to write a blog about each trip and experience I have taken in the last month so that I can share with you all what wonderful experiences I have had. But instead I will talk about what November as a whole has been like.  In order to get ready for Italy I had to work my butt off to get homework and papers done early so I had no worries when I was gone. Funny as it sound now I got on the plane to Englang and swore I forgot to turn off my stove. With one broken computer...
By Amber in Ma ville Pau: entre l'océan et les Pyrénées

Friday night
October 18, 2008 - Pau, France
Last night I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona (for the second time-first time in U.S) and it was just as good and funny in French as it was in English. It was my first French cinema experience. Their whole Movie going experience though is very different. For example there are no movie preveiws, only local advertisements, and they last for about 15 minutes. Also there was a lot of quiet wispers througout the whole film. When I walked out of the theater though it was a weird feeling because thats...
By Amber in Ma ville Pau: entre l'océan et les Pyrénées

My how quickly things change
October 13, 2008 - Pau, France
Just as quickly as the leaves have changed on the trees, my life here has also. Within one weeks time I was on my death bed ready to come home and today I am happy to be here grateful for every moment. Though the decison to come home at Christmas has made me happier than ever. Christmas is a time for family, and even though being on a beach in Greece sounds nice, being surrounded by the people I hold dearest around a  beautiful lush tree that smells like pine needles sounds better to me....
By Amber in Ma ville Pau: entre l'océan et les Pyrénées

Just a quick word
October 12, 2008 - Pau, France
So I just uploaded all my photos from the Pyrenees- next is my blog- but its way too late and I need sleep because I have a six page paper to write tommorow!  Just know that the Pyrenees are BREATHTAKING. They are a world heritage site! and I had a fabulous day, a long tough hike up the mountain to a summit, a delicious 3 course meal and roasted hazlenuts made on the street of the village with an old guy in a berret. Oh and I saw horses : ) I will update soon, but now sleep! 
By Amber in Ma ville Pau: entre l'océan et les Pyrénées

My prayers have been answered/my dr. drove me home
October 8, 2008 - Pau, France
I have internet in my dorm. No words can describe the joy. that i am feeling to be connected to the world again... I hope i dont ever take the super speed higway for granted again. I mean it was a surprise to all of us that France is really not as internet or even computer savy as the U.S. I beleive the internet is catching up slowly but surely. But few people even have it. I just ate my seventh bannana today-for those of you who didn't hear I have some unknown stomach condition right now...
By Amber in Ma ville Pau: entre l'océan et les Pyrénées

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