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Day 22 - Berlin, Germany
January 18, 2013 - Berlin, Germany
  Today is a free day however I book on a walking tour of Berlin as an optional activity through Top Deck. We met our guide who was an Irish man called Finn. The walking tour started at 9am at the Reichstag which is the first parliament of the German empire in 1894. It was destroyed and reconstructed for use today. From there we saw a memorial to the elected parliament members that got killed in world war II as Hitler was taking over. From there we went to another memorial to the sinti and...
By Raelene in My Adventures

Day 21 - Prague, Czech Republic to Berlin, Germany
January 17, 2013 - Berlin, Germany
  I cant wait we are headed to Berlin. Yay! I don’t have to get another currency as they trade in euros. I am starting to feel physically exhausted now - even though I am over my lurgy that I had. I took my water bottle to fill it up at breakfast and headed back onto the bus, I left my water bottle on the table. At least I can buy a water bottle at the next rest stop and that is the only thing that I have lost so far. Touch wood, I haven’t jinxed myself now. On the bus round 9.30am and...
By Raelene in My Adventures

A Day in Berlin
June 24, 2011 - Berlin, Germany
Today was an epic day. We arrived in Berlin last night. Well, that is an overstatement – we arrived in our campground outside of Berlin last night. In fact, never before have we stayed in a campsite SO far out of the city we intend to visit. As soon as we got there I fired up our new mini-BBQ and we dined on home-grilled meat for the first time on this trip. Today was an epic day. It started with a 45 minute bus ride into the city. The bus we were on was a double-decker and we had front...
By Peter in The Liljedahl's European Odyssey 2011

berlin - part 2
October 4, 2010 - Berlin, Germany
  on sunday we went to the Jewish Museum, of which the 'permanent exhibition' was truthfully quite boring. i think if you were jewish, or liked their history, it would be much more entertaining! we had also gotten tickets for the 'special exhibition', which was about the jews and forced labour. they've pretty much been persecuted by other races for centuries, not just WW2. not sure why, but everyone wanted to pick on the jews. the special exhibition was more interesting, but quite tedious...
By Erin and Scott in Adventures of Kiwi and the Convict

berlin - part 1
October 2, 2010 - Berlin, Germany
our first day in berlin was spent being tired and bumming around doing things like laundry (ever used a laundromat with german instructions? interesting...) and second-hand book shopping and walking around the neighbourhood near our hostel. (which, btw, must be the nicest hostel EVER) on friday, we went on the NewEurope free walking tour, which was really good. our guide was dutch/american and he told us lots of interesting things about berlin (i'll more about it in the photos) we saw/learnt...
By Erin and Scott in Adventures of Kiwi and the Convict

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