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another unfortunate event...
March 11, 2008 - Katalagari, Greece
Well, I would load my journal entries...and I would load my pictures...but my computer won't turn on.  I am currently borrowing Rachel's computer, which doesn't have my pictures or journal entries on it.  So I am sorry that I will have to postpone blogging for a bit while I figure out why my computer is sick   Hope everything is well at home~shoot me an e-mail or something and let me know how everything is, I love getting messages!  Catch ya later!
By Sara in Oversea Adventures!

I Love Katalagari
March 10, 2008 - Katalagari, Greece
Our first full day in Katalagari was amazing! We had a late start at 1:00, which was enough time to relax in the morning sun and let my hair sun dry. We had a picnic by the pool and set out to a castle ruin that was very pretty with almond trees in bloom all around. We then headed down to the Carnival parade in town with our Greek tour guides, Vasilis and Dimitris. There were tons of people gathered outside the taverns drinking free wine and eating little pies. We joined in while everyone...
By Molly in Its All Greek To Me!

Hello Katalagari!
March 9, 2008 - Katalagari, Greece
We left Heraklion yesterday on a bus ride we were told would take an hour and a half but were pleasantly surprised to find it only took half an hour to arrive at our next stay of five nights in the beautiful Katalagari Country Suites. Katalagari is a very small town sitting on a hillside of a big valley with large mountains in the distance. The actual hotel building is very small, and we were greeted by a bunch of cute women and fresh cherry juice which was amazing! We were then escorted to...
By Molly in Its All Greek To Me!


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