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Quad Bikes, Pink Satin, and School Camp (on crack)
July 15, 2009 - Thíra, Greece
Corfu... hmm. From London we (Deb, Sim and I) headed to Athens and then an overnight bus to Corfu, an island on the north western coast of Greece (not near the rest of the "Greek Islands"). It was such a long night and my feet were swollen to the size of footballs from sleeping upright on the bus. Hot, right? We arrived at our hotel, the Pink Palace, at 7.30 in the morning and were made to sit around for ages before then getting a talk from the reception staff and a video about how "awesome"...
By Carly in Carly's Overseas Adventures

Happy Birthday to the Strange Greek Man
May 13, 2008 - Thíra, Greece
So when I left the last entry I was sitting there in Athens on the computer with someone convincing me to go out on the town. I ended up going but when we got to the place everyone from the hostel was just sitting outside eating gyros (which is one of the other amazing foods in greece).  We didn't want to go in so I asked where else we could go, so we ended up going to a place across the street. I go up the stairs with some other people following me when we start hearing this cheering. Turns...
By Janet in My Crazy Adventures Across Europe

Spectacular Santorini
May 20, 2007 - Thíra, Greece
Today I have been awed, amazed and bedazzled by Santorini's caldera and the towns that cling to its rim. Lauren and I arrived in Santorini yesterday afternoon after a three hour ferry journey from the sleepy island of Paros. It rained heavily soon after we arrived at our hostel near Perissa Beach and we were confined to the breezy patio of our hostel for over an hour as the rain turned the road into a temporary watercourse and the wind whipped the clean sheets that some poor soul had hung out...
By Lauren and Henry in Foreign Postings


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