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Rio Dulce (Sweet River)
June 24, 2011 - Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Today we took the Doctoritas to Rio Dulce. I was packed to the brim with bug stray, suncreen, ponschos, umbrella, hand wipes, feminine wipes...I was ready. The ride was about two hours. On the way, I learned about Guatemala's 27 indigenous populations who each have their own languages not dialects. I saw rubber trees and gum trees (where rubber and gum is made from)...it was a nice relaxing ride. We got there and the Director began to prepare some of the food that we were going to have for...
By The World Traveller in The World Traveller

Rio Dulce: un fleuve, un pont, une rue, une ville
December 10, 2010 - Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Toutes les photos / pictures: click here. Nombre de gens en France ou pendant ce voyage s'étonnent (s'inquiétent?) que je voyage seul. La solitude fait peur à beaucoup, et je ne crois pas non plus être un pur solitaire, au contraire. Le fait est que pendant ce voyage je le suis finalement très rarement, seul, et que la plupart du temps c'est moi-même qui me l'impose, pour lire, pour écrire, pour réfléchir... ou simplement pour le plaisir de profiter pleinement de mon environnement,...
By Nicholas in Le Fil

New pictures and videos!!
May 30, 2009 - Rio Dulce, Guatemala
 all right! we did it!! after 2 and a half hours the pictures are uploaded! Enjoy!! Besos, Itchy&Scratchy
By Lorenza in My Fuzzy Guatemalan Adventure

ah... slow slow internet...
May 27, 2009 - Rio Dulce, Guatemala
 Ciao amici, I think the ancient Maya kings are against our blogging, since we just spent an hour uploading pictures and we didnt even get through a third of the ones we wanted to share with you... Now we really need to head off to Chichicastenango, but we'll give it another shot tonight... Keep checking and we'll do our best to keep you satisfied! Ciao ciao happy campers, we're off!!!!! Besos, Lo&Rob
By Lorenza in My Fuzzy Guatemalan Adventure

ticks, Tikal, caves and crying babies
May 27, 2009 - Rio Dulce, Guatemala
  24th May 2009   Dear faithfully devoted blog readers,   After many complains regarding our lengthy press silence, here you go, we satisfy the populus with another thrilling blog entry. First of all let’s travel back a few weeks before my stay here was improved exponentially by Rob’s arrival.  I’m aware that my last entry was a little bit grim; I’ve been writing this blog with no embellishments, telling all of you exactly how I felt at a particular moment, and this resulted in...
By Lorenza in My Fuzzy Guatemalan Adventure

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