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From Pesos to Quetzals
January 18, 2013 - Panajachel, Guatemala
We are now in Guatemala in a place called Panajachel which is on Lake Atitlan. The scenery is spectacular, the lake being surrounded by three volcanoes. It is hot and sunny by day but a lot cooler at night as the lake is about 1500 metres above sea level. It took about 10 hours to reach here via bus from San Cristobel De La Casas in Mexico, a slow and winding ride through mountainous terrain. We are already missing chilli and lime which you get with everything in Mexico, except tea and...
By Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince

Spanish, Break, Lit, Lunch, Nap time?
February 11, 2010 - Panajachel, Guatemala
 I went to school after being in Pana for about... I'd say 5 waking hours. But it was one of the most relaxing experiences at school I have ever had in my life. Callie takes a "private school bus" (a yellow tuk tuk that is scheduled to come get her every day to take her to school) which she is incredible proud of. Make a mental note, a tuk tuk is like a three wheeled golf cart that guatemalan teenage boys drive around as the towns taxis. The fare is 5q, less than a canadian dollar for...
By Kierstin in Adventures of a Teenage Traveholic

Second star to the right & straight till morning
February 2, 2010 - Panajachel, Guatemala
My sisters and my mum have been in Guatemala since New Year’s. Fail. But I am on my way!!! I’m so exited to be traveling! So hear ye hear ye another chapter in the life of a teenage traveholic. To answer all of your questions, I have been living with my dad for the last month, I will be going to school in Guatemala, and yes I get high school credits for my work. This morning, I woke up at 4 in the Detroit Hotel, my dad and I drove there on the first of Feb. We took the 4:30am shuttle to...
By Kierstin in Adventures of a Teenage Traveholic

Can't leave without a proper goodbye
May 26, 2007 - Panajachel, Guatemala
Mum, for the first time all trip, allowed herself some time away from us that night. She had some birthday party for one of the AMA teachers. Later that night, Madison and I were watching TV on the coutch/single bed, and Callie was sleeping on my lap. We were all cozy in two blankets, callie was already in her pjamas. It was pouring rain so we had the TV full volume so we could hear the noises Tom made when he chased Jerry. As the Chicken and Cow show theme song came on I tucked callie in for...
By Kierstin in Adventures of a Teenage Traveholic

Grow a Purple Friend
March 3, 2007 - Panajachel, Guatemala
 It was just me and my sisters for the day. I took pictures of our day, it says much more than my writing does. This is Callie and her teddy bear Callie wanted her nails painted, so I put three different colours underneath and then a blue tinted sparkely finish. It looked better on her fingers than mine! By the way Callie likes her orange finger the best, for the record. This is Madi playing her Gameboy so intensley. And her sister doing likewise,while waiting for her "friend" to grow....
By Kierstin in Adventures of a Teenage Traveholic

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