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Faux pas in a Spanish styley
January 24, 2013 - San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala
I have just remembered our silliest Spanish mistake. Vince ordered the usual pork meal in Rapido when we were in Cuba. Rapido is like McDonald´s but with local grub. I still don´t know how he managed to get served with a family sized pizza. Lost in translation?
By Sarah And Vince in Sarah and Vince

2011: ça part fort, très fort!!
January 1, 2011 - San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala
Après une interruption momentanée de ce programme, complètement dépendante de ma volonté (il fait beau, j'étais dehors!... entre autres), je reprends enfin le Fil de mon histoire... avec 3 semaines de retard puisque je vous propose de revenir au dernier jour de l'an 2010. Le contexte psycho-spacio-temporel est le suivant: je viens de terminer ma première semaine de cours d'espagnol dans la ville de Xela, avec la charmante et ô combien intéressante Ana. Elle m'a appris tous les temps...
By Nicholas in Le Fil

Cigarette Maximon?
February 18, 2009 - San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala
Am feeling resurgent after seeing that people might actually be reading this. im nervous now... This week has been really bizarre. For some reason I´m living in a small house in San Pedro with Christophe the dude from Belgium who speaks (fairly) good english. I say house, its supposed to be a hotel room but its not really - its so weird. Inside, there is a small shower and toilet, four beds, a table, a brass candlestick and a porcelain dalmation. However, in this village, it just seems to...
By Jim in Jims Central America and Asia Backpacking Gig 2009

Lago de Atitlan
February 15, 2009 - San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala
scary bus ride to get here but arrived late on Friday night to panajachel and lost my lonely planet book after about 10 minutes, so i instantly didnt like the place! its the biggest of about 10 towns around this lake, and as everyone has to pass through there to get a taxiboat to the others, its pretty seedy. So i decided i would just stay the one night there, get my hair cut (numero tres, todo, por favor!) and then get a boat the next morning to San Pedro La Laguna... So this is where i am...
By Jim in Jims Central America and Asia Backpacking Gig 2009

San Pedro la Laguna
February 13, 2008 - San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala
Well I would trade not being able to sleep at night because of 50 rhythmic stray dogs making their beautiful music all over the mountainside for eminem blaring from the bar in my hostel any night! please excuse the line....these keyboards are some bofunk and it is ard to type let alone figure out how to work it!!!!!! bbbaaahhh!ddfgfdgh  ahhh ther we go. ok well i cannot post many pictures because if i did, i would be in this little shack for days. my friends. I am now in San Pedro, a small...
By Whitney in Further In


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