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014DVG : Heading Back home
November 18, 2008 - Davanagere, India
EVENING :Our trainwas at 4:10 and the ladies had not finished their last minute shopping !!..But we wer able to catch the train in time  -- no ..  , a quick lunch and sorrowful good byes exchanged ,  we did  reach there in time. On the train back  got some sunset shots : Time to put away the camera , next morning we passed through the state of tamil nadu and then on to Kerala ..We all talked about how nice the trip was and pondering what Mubin , Lukeman , Adnan, Asiya , Uncle and Aunt...
By Patchious in patchstravelog

013DVG : In and Around Davangere
November 17, 2008 - Davanagere, India
After the trips  we just spend in  and around Davangere , The ladies took to the best thing they  new best  'Shopping', While me and Mubin went around the town . Saw this Rickshaw  , this guy must love guitars !! he is always riding rest his back against one !!I have some randonw shots of the streets and road taken while on Mubin's bike . Streets of Davangere This is one place i found as many tractors and bullock carts  on the road just as there are cars and bikes.   We are on way...
By Patchious in patchstravelog

012DVG : En route to SHIMOGA and JOG Falls
November 16, 2008 - Davanagere, India
This is one trip that was more of travelling as a family and less of  getting to a place to see . Frankly we were late (again!!??) , As one of the cars was not in a condition to do a long distance we tried hiring a Private Taxi , After phoning up  many contacts Mubin was able to get one hired , but at the last minute they  bailed on us ,then it was my uncle's turn .. go so  all set to go  next morning  , morning came  but the taxi never came !!! . So finally for  the 3rd time we got...
By Patchious in patchstravelog

011DVG :The Chitra Durga Fort
November 15, 2008 - Davanagere, India
We must have reached the fort late afternoon ,  but we knew we were  late and might not get a to see all of it any way  make the most of it : Read below courtesy of Wikipedia: Chitradurga Fort is renowned for its Kallina Kote / Ukinna kote / Elu Suttina kote which was built in parts by the Palegar Nayakas, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan. It comprises a series of seven enclosure walls in Kannada. Eighteen ancient temples can be found inside the fort. This seemingly impregnable fort has 19...
By Patchious in patchstravelog

November 15, 2008 - Davanagere, India
Another stop was Jogi mati forest reserve , it had a small section of animals and pond . Also had a park with swings slides and sea saw for the children . But on the way  like Mubin had promised we got some closer shots of the  wind mills     It was as if  she had pose for me(right)   I  personally don't approve of wild animals being caged up  but i guess there isn't other way to see them up so  close.     It was getting late and we still had to  see the Fort so out stop at...
By Patchious in patchstravelog

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