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Top Tourism Attractions to See on Singapore Bintan
December 29, 2010 - Delhi, India
Singapore is no doubt the most captivating holiday destination in South East Asia and so it is visited by hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world. This beautiful country is dotted with several interesting attractions, picturesque locations, rich heritage and culture beauty, well maintained parks and gardens, picturesque sun-kissed beaches, magnetizing rivers and lakes and much more. On top this beautiful country is also famous for its throbbing nightlife, rich heritage and...
By Kumar in Singaproe Tour

6. Time For An Indian Curry
September 12, 2010 - Delhi, India
  We arrived in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in India in the early hours of the morning on 3 September having travelled from Kenya via Ethiopia (now we can say that we have been to Ethiopia as well as we walked at least 200 metres through the transit lounge!!). We went straight to our hotel through some very quiet streets (this didn’t last!!) and slept for a few hours. That afternoon we went to arrange our train to take us north to Jaipur two days later, after lots of discussions and form...
By Paul & Clare in Clare and Paul's World Trip

February 6, 2010 - Delhi, India
We squished into a taxi and left the Blue Horizon for the Kathmandu airport to catch our flight to Mumbai. The plane was delayed for 3 hours due to fog so we ended up missing our connecting flight to Goa...another mad rush through an airport only to miss it by 10 minutes!! Air India took good care of us and we spent the night at the Mirador Hotel. It was amazing...they had heat, hot showers, satellite TV, huge buffet and complimentary   M & M's!! Didn't see much of Mumbai, but on landing...
By Tim & Ann in Fakowee...Explore. Dream. Discover.

Sun 11th & Mon 12th
October 12, 2009 - Delhi, India
Sunday 11th Travelled down from Munnar to Kochi airport ,drive fairly uneventful difference in temperature noticeably warmer .Currently waiting for flight to Delhi where current temperature is 36 degrees have booked in at hotel in new Delhi. I am sure you are all excited to know about my research into the now famous “head wobble” here goes left to right horizontal equals no/the figure of eight means yes. Unfortunately this explanation on observation does not seem correct as the figure...
By Nikki & Nigel in South American Adventure

May 8, 2009 - Delhi, India
 After a 7 hr 50 minute flight with hardly any sleep apart from sprawling over the spare aisle seats we finally reached Delhi airport. Our driver met us and took us to his little car that strangely said "Pet Shop" on the back??  The driver was quite informative and was quite chatty talking about his kids etc.  The traffic is absolutely mental here, loads of honking and cars all over the road - no one sticks to a lane and it's every man for himself.  When we arrived at our hotel "Hotel...
By Ruth and Jordan in Jordy Racer & Ruthie Jean on tour 09/10!!

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