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June 18, 2010 - Jaisalmer, India
So I am walking toward the fort. It is SOOOOO hot, and I have my big backpack, little backpack, purse, and a wrap around my head. I stop and get a liter of water, which I proceed to almost finish in one big drink. I then set out to look for a cheap hotel that is recommended by the Lonely Planet. I find it, and get a room. It is clearly off season here in India right now, which is obviously because I am the first guest the hotel has had in over a week. It is a perfectly centrally-located hotel...
By Niki in Niki's Adventures

Delhi and train ride to Jaisalmer
June 16, 2010 - Jaisalmer, India
Delhi, and India in general, in an interesting combination of what I expected and completely not what I expected. First off, I heard so many not-so-good stories about India from people I met in NZ, OZ, and SE Asia who had been there before, and since I am a lone female traveler, I was prepared for the worse. Granted, I am only a couple days into my India travels, but India has so far been very manageable, and actually easier in some ways to other places. For example, people in India are very...
By Niki in Niki's Adventures

Sun 18th am
October 18, 2009 - Jaisalmer, India
Nigel's ode!!! India is a land of many dreams It also has many skin lightening creams While we in the west want to look browner Yes, even I am looking more like president Obama Here people want to look like they are in a hurse This really must be an Indian curse.   Another dream of this land Is for all to be grand The problem is its all about caste If you are born low you will always be last   This land like most has many faces We are only scratching the surface visiting these place Anyway...
By Nikki & Nigel in South American Adventure

Diwali - Saturday 17th Oct
October 17, 2009 - Jaisalmer, India
 Fri 16th 9am tour of Old fort with guide - bit touristy but interesting.  Managed to avoid buying anything despite being taken to many shops by guide.  Late pm went 50 km into desert for camel safari. Two camels and two lads off to the dunes to watch sunset.  Sunset not v impressive.  On return trip Nikki's camel was spooked but luckily she just managed to stay on board.  After this we were elevated to camel professionals and trotted past all other walking camels on route back.  On...
By Nikki & Nigel in South American Adventure

Wed 14th
October 16, 2009 - Jaisalmer, India
Road trip from Mandawa to Bikaner v interesting started off at 9am. Crops flying past (if you could call it flyig at about 40 to 50 mph in our old white morris) include peanuts, millet and  mustard seed.  Lots of farmers using all modes of transport. Arrived Bikaner at 1pm for a rest before going off to see Deshnok Temple (the Rat Temple).  The free-roaming rats are given food and milk as it is believedthat the rats (kabas) are reincarnated sould saved from the god of death (Yama).  There...
By Nikki & Nigel in South American Adventure

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