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05 Long awaited break: Back at KOVAI
June 12, 2008 - Kovai, India
Morning ..a little after day break  we where already passing through the out skirts of  Kovai !!Signs of the approaching the city .Kovai is know for its textile industry       You  will have to  excuse me  ...but after reaching kovai  we are on a very important mission... to find a place for my friend to  relieve himself and we hired a rickshaw after reaching the  bus station ....The thing is  we really didnt have plans to spend the whole day  there , may  be some walking...
By Patchious in patchstravelog

03Long awaited break :At Kovai
June 10, 2008 - Kovai, India
Mettupalayam: We were pulling in  ( probably about the outskirts of the Mettupalayam ) .. the climte had changed drastically .."FROM COLD TO HOT "... we could feel it  dry and hot !!     Still  travelling through Mettupalayam :   I think these are outskirts of the city .. such as areas where they  have ware houses and hold cargos     Towards Kovai : Due to the bumby roads ... bus conductor had to  .. fix the dvd player coz of all the rattling. The Ghats over look you  .   At...
By Patchious in patchstravelog


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