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Trains, trunks, temples and terrible tailors!
January 19, 2012 - Madurai, India
  1. Where the devil have I been? On the morning of Wednesday 11th January I awoke from the first of many train sleeps to find myself in Mangalore, a bustling coastal town in the state of Karnataka. After trudging around the stupidly busy streets with all our luggage for what felt like years, we got the distinct impression that we weren’t really wanted there. So we hopped straight onto the next southbound train and spent the night in Kozhikode instead. From there we headed inland for a...
By Kate in 20 Questions Goes Global

February 22, 2010 - Madurai, India
 Here we jolly well are then, back in  India again. Back in the seething mass of people and traffic. Our last day in Hong Kong was great fun, even if it poured with rain all day long. We took a ride on one of their cute double decker trams, watched all the Philipinos picnicking under any and every available shelter from the rain (HK people have Philipino maids and servants and Sunday is their day off so they all get together downtown) and generally dodged the downpour and watched Hong Kong...
By Colin and Helene in Col and Helene: Around the World in 80 Pints

January 14, 2009 - Madurai, India
Cuando llegamos a Madurai nos llevamos la grata sorpresa de enterarnos de que era la fiesta de Pongal. Luego nos enteramos de que realmente es una fiesta que se celebra en casi todos sitios, no sólo en Madurai... No nos enteramos muy bien en que consistía, pero lo que está claro es que todo el mundo iba a templo. El templo es la atracción principal de la ciudad. Bien grande, con nueve torres enormes, esta lleno de distintos altares a los distintos dioses de la religión. ¡Incluso hay un...
By Mathilde y Veridiano in Trotasferis

Pongal a Madurai
January 13, 2009 - Madurai, India
Pour arriver a Madurai on décide de prendre le train. On se dit que ca fera un changement par rapport aux cahots incessants du bus, ses arrets fréquents où deux fois plus de gens montent qu'il n'en descend et le klaxon omniprésent. C'est sans compter sur les trajets «non réservés»: certes, on a nos billets donc on est en regle, mais ça ne veut pas dire pour autant que nous pourrons nous asseoir. Dans n'importe quel autre pays on pourrait encore avoir espoir qu'il n'y aura pas trop...
By Mathilde et Veridiano in Trotasferis


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