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09 Long awaited break : Back at Ooty
June 12, 2008 - Ooty, India
Ah  yes its been  a wonderfull journey .. now back at Ooty our 1st destination of arrival a few days back .Me and Ajish  walk  back  to Royal Sands and take up  room there , We are a bit tired and now wants to take it  easy .. just walk about kinda laze about to be exact . Get the shopping done for Aji's folks . .. dunno  may  be go see the Wax WORLD which is actually right next to  Royal Sands .  WAX WORLD :   This was interseting some were really good others were kind ok...
By Patchious in patchstravelog

02Long awaited break :COONOOR
June 10, 2008 - Ooty, India
Ah  next day  !! ..  repacking .. we are kinda late .. getting ready .. to catch the coonoor train to coonoor where we will  separate from our folks and trod on to  pondicherry .. my  hair oil freezez and solidifies !!!   All packed !!! A shot from our hotel , "Times a wasting man  , lets get a move one" ...  we remind each other ...Brrrr.. the  cold water !!!!...     Late?...yes !!!  but not late for some poories and veg ..  nothing like a good breakfast to  get the cold...
By Patchious in patchstravelog

01Long awaited break :Ooty
June 9, 2008 - Ooty, India
  It had been long since i needed a break from work and thats when my bestbuddy(Ajish)  landed up  at God's Own Country ..and after many phone calls and planning ( almost) decided to take  trip  to  Ooty with  our folks . I and Ajish  had other plans of  roughing it  from there on our own for our little trip  but again  not decide on any destination for ur little trip . Our little note pad of planning , Coorg ? Goa ? Pondicherry!!!???..So  the next day   we all got ready for  a...
By Patchious in patchstravelog


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