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Feeling hot hot HOT
July 29, 2009 - Udaipur, India
Voor Nederlands, scroll naar beneden, naar het schuingedrukte stuk. We left Srinigar feeling we made new friends and that maybe just maybe we will see Kashmir again, one day. Our next "province" was Punjab, it took 1 jeep ride 9 hours driving around  mountain after another. funny enough neither of us got motion sick. We had 6 men in our jeep and Frouk and myself. at first the men were very shy with sullen faces, which i feel alot of the Indian men are but once you smile you see their faces...
By Froukje and Michelle in Dream it, Think it, Do it!

Michael Jackson, Steve, and Octopussy
December 12, 2008 - Udaipur, India
  Theres been rather a lot of trekking around since we last posted, so this one may go on for a while…..   The camel safari was great! There was a group of seven of us plus five guides. For the first part of it we spent most of the time just trying to stay in the saddle – camels move in a very strange way indeed and it completely knackers your arse! We stopped off at a deserted village, had a huge and rather tasty lunch (all cooked from scratch including the chapattis!), and then...
By Anthony&Kerry in Adventuring

The rest of Rajasthan
October 18, 2008 - Udaipur, India
Hi everyone, We are safe and well, and coming to the end of our stay in the state of Rajasthan.  Since we last wrote from Jaipur we have headed far west to the desert dunes of Jaisalmer (where we took an overnight camel safari), then headed back east to Jodhpur and we are now spending our last few hours in Udaipur before we catch an overnight train to Mumbai (Bombay). Rajasthan has been a highlight of our trip in India.  The are WAY more tourist here, so that means a little less staring. ...
By Monica, Mark, B-Dun, Katie AND LOTS MORE! in Hello World!

February 19, 2008 - Udaipur, India
Dave: The journey from Pushkar to Udaipur required a full day of traveling. It started with a short ride back to Ajmer where we switched to another local bus for the 'milk run' to Udaipur. The term local bus just means that GAP had purchased us seats on a regular bus and we would be traveling with others (picture Greyhound but not nearly as nice). About halfway through the trip people started standing in the aisles. At one point there were two young girls (I'm guessing 5 and 7) standing...
By Namita and Dave in Dave and Namita's 2008 Adventure

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