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Bali 4 - 15 August 2013
August 15, 2013 - Bali, Indonesia
Bali turned out to be quite an experience for the family – in a good way. Firstly, it was the first time Zac and Zoe had been on a plane and that in itself was a very exciting prospect for them. They just loved the whole flying experience until we had a 4hr wait in the Darwin airport transit lounge! Once we got passed that and got to Bali the fun began. We stayed in Kuta at the Kuta Town Houses. They are self contained apartments and ours had 2 bedrooms, a lounge, full kitchen and bathroom....
By Tammy in The Richards Roam-Around Oz

Bali Hi !
March 13, 2011 - Bali, Indonesia
We sailed into Bali just before sunrise yesterday and it was amazing, it was so beautiful.  Komodo Island also is stunningly beautiful - so we now compare them to the French Polynesian islands that we loved (Moorea and Bora Bora, specifically) We had a car and driver for the day and gave him only a general idea of what we wanted to do. We had to close our eyes on the main roads, as the motor bikes, trucks and cars all weave in and out, passing on the L OR the R and if possible they pass in...
By Carol in World Cruise 2011

Asia Trip - Bali
February 4, 2009 - Bali, Indonesia
Bali is where my adventure began. I fell in love with the warm air and the beautiful architecture from the moment I got off the plane. This was also my first taste of being an American abroad, post election. The Indonesians are as proud and happy of Obama as if he were their own elected leader and the enthusiasm was positively infectious!I started my time in Bali in the beach town of Sanur, at the Tropical Bali Hotel (which I highly recommend to anyone going to those parts.) My beach time was...
By Vanessa in Songs From The Open Road

Bali zoals het nog steeds is
May 29, 2010 - Bali, Indonesia
 Vanmorgen om 08.00 uur werden Annelies, Fabian en Peter door Madé opgehaald en stapten ze een half uur later uit om aan de tracking door een mooi stukje Bali te beginnen. Eerst door/langs diverse sawa’s waar opnieuw de mooiste beelden voor de camera’s verschenen, wat een prachtig land is dit toch! Toen ging het steil naar beneden naar de rivier; Putu de gids hielp onderweg Peter en Annelies langs de moeilijke en gladde stukken en vervolgens één voor één door de rivier. Hij had...
By Peter in Indonesië 2010

February 21, 2010 - Bali, Indonesia
So, this may be redundant, but here are my feelings regarding the journey at this point: I feel the deeper we dive into this world cruise segment, the meatier my experiences! For example, in the beginning, when we were traveling through the Caribbean, I would think to myself, “Wow! This has got to be the prettiest beach I have ever seen in my life!” And then we went to the French Polynesia (namely Moorea), which put every other island in existence to shame. So after that I thought to...
By Erich DiCenzo in Where in the World is......Erich Roger DiCenzo?

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