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February 23, 2010 - Semarang, Indonesia
About two weeks ago, in our monthly Entertainment Department meeting, Jamie had casually mentioned to us that we may want to consider signing up for the tour during our time in Semarang, Indonesia because otherwise there is absolutely nothing to do! Well, enough said! Nic and I quickly went and visited our friend Ali at Destinations (do you see a theme starting here?) and we were signed up and ready to go in no time! The tour was listed as nine hours, which was the reason that Captain Dag had...
By Erich DiCenzo in Where in the World is......Erich Roger DiCenzo?

“I love the Java jive and it loves me.”
February 22, 2010 - Semarang, Indonesia
It’s ports like these that make sea days necessary.  So much activity requires a period of rest afterward to prepare for the next exciting stop.  The whole day leading up to our arrival in Semarang was dedicated to Carly’s birthday.  First thing in the morning, we received instructions from her best friend, Kaitlyn, to give her one of the Snickers bars she presented each of us with.  She had handed out 23 of them in honor of Carly's 23rd birthday.  We had rehearsal for Champagne at...
By Nic in the best journeys aren't in straight lines

Death Defying Car Rides, Monkeys and Temples
February 23, 2010 - Semarang, Indonesia
After our dragon adventure we went to Bali, Indonesia.  We woke up fairly early (for us that's around 9AM) got some breakfast and hopped on a tender to get to the pier.  The mountains and scenery were beautiful and so green.  The water was pretty clear too as we were getting close to the pier.  We got off and immediately were hounded by locals trying to get us to use their taxi service or buy their necklaces or buy anything really.  We bartered our way down 3$ from one man's original...
By Kelsey in Kelsey @ Fuzzy Travel


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